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5 DIY Gift Ideas



A common gift-giving theme these days is creating meaning and sentimental value while also saving yourself money. This year, put more money in the bank and bring smiles to the faces of others by giving do-it-yourself custom gifts. Here are some ideas for great presents you and your family can create for those that mean the most:

Create a Family Cookbook: Speak with members of the family and have everyone share their favorite recipe. Make copies of the methods and place them in a binder. Not only will everyone love having the favorite family recipes, but they will also enjoy having them hand-written in the years to come.  If you feel especially creative, include a photo of the contributor next to each recipe.

Photographs: Framing a beautiful photo of your family or children is a thoughtful gift. If you want to do something a little different, photo poster printing is available both in stores and online.  Photo posters make great gifts as they are the perfect way to remember a meaningful event or have a unique home decoration. Another great idea is to have old, faded photos reprinted to protect what details remain.

Jewelry: A photo charm bracelet makes a meaningful present for new mothers and grandmothers.  These are easy to create with a photo bracelet service online. Just follow the prompts, and before you know it, the completed charm bracelet will arrive at your door. It is simple to make, but it is sure to become the most valuable piece of jewelry in any collection.

Candles: Collect wicks, wax, small cups, and possibly essential oil for fragrance, if you desire.  Dainty teacups work perfectly and are always piled high on the shelves of second-hand stores for little money.  To make your homemade candle, first, melt the wax.  Then add a fragrance if you want.  Hold the wick straight up while you pour the warm wax into the teacup.  Make sure you choose a cup that has no cracks in it, as it may shatter when the hot wax is poured.

Baskets with a Theme: Choose a theme and run with it. An excellent gift for the person in your life who loves gardening could be a watering can filled with a shovel, some flower seeds, and an apron.  Make an Italian basket with a colander, noodles, a wooden spoon, and some homemade pasta sauce.  Another idea is a breakfast-themed basket. Add pancake and waffle mix along with maple syrup.  The themes and concepts are endless, and these baskets can be made on any size budget.

The benefit of any gift that you hand make is that it’s original. Put some thought and time, along with your skill, into the present, and your friends and family will cherish it. If you have children in the house, making homemade gifts is an even more important process. A bonus is the fun you will have doing it yourself!