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Sights and Sounds of Football Season



With football season comes more than just a dropping temperature. This sport can make the entire community get pumped up about their local football team. The sights and sounds that accompany football season cannot be compared to that of any other sport.

Here are some things that come along with the much-anticipated season.


At the start of the football season, fans gather to enjoy drinks and grilling food. Typical fare includes delicious staples such as hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips with dip, and chilled salads. Various fun outdoor games are played, including ladder toss, cornhole, and washers. It is also common to hear music blaring from stereo equipment and see the tailgating fans dancing along. Tailgating in the school parking lot also helps build unity among the school’s fans. Parents, teachers, and students have the opportunity to gather and establish a relationship based on their shared love for the team.

Homecoming Parade

Homecoming week is the most eagerly awaited week of the year. It is a celebration in schools and colleges across the country, as current and former students come together. A sign of football season, this week includes activities for students and alumni and, of course, the parade through the city streets.  The homecoming parade is built around the home football game, and students spend hours decorating their floats with banners and balloons. There is also the introduction of the Homecoming court and coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen. It is a time when entire communities come together to support the local team and school.


When you think of football season, you may picture cheerleaders dancing with pom-poms in hand and the crowd yelling in response. Football games are about the touchdowns, but the squad adorned with cheer uniforms help pump up the crowd. The cheerleaders help provide the team with the support it needs to win the big game against its rivals.

School Marching Band

A football game would not be complete without the school’s marching band. Who better to perform the official fight song eliciting shouts and clapping from the stands? Band members play a range of musical instruments from the clarinet to the drums. The band’s music prompts excitement from the squad in its cheer gear and the proud parents and students in the stands. Marching bands have been bringing down the house on football fields across the United States since the early 1900s.

Theme Nights

Football season brings the school body together as a variety of themes are chosen, encouraging students to dress up accordingly. Through the selected topics, the students show their enthusiasm and support their classmates. A fun item is toga night, where the students are decked out in bedsheets, ivy wreaths, and sandals. Other ideas include pajama night, 80s classic night, or patriotic night.

Bright Lights

When football comes to mind, nearly every one of us picture the lights that illuminate the football field. Floodlights are used to help the fans see the game when the day turns to night. The excitement level rises when the bright lights come on, adding another level of fun to the game.