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Grooming Supplies for the Traveling Man



Nothing makes a man feel more at home than to have his daily grooming supplies with him as he wakes up in a hotel, a motel, or an airport. Whether you’re a man of business or a man of the world, traveling with adequate shaving accessories is a must.

As you meet new people in London, Tokyo, or even Tallahassee, your ability to look your best will determine the type of success you have. A well-groomed exterior can help you close that financial transaction by making you appear more confident and mature. There’s nothing you can’t do with a clean-shaven face.

Here are a few vital accessories for the modern traveling man.


 Skip the plastic throwaways and graduate to a real steel straight razor. A virtually indestructible ultra-thin blade will outlast hundreds and hundreds of cartridge blades, so though the cost seems high at first, the long-term financial benefit is real. Plus, this is the kind of blade that gives you the ability to easily navigate around your problem areas, like your neck or upper lip. With control like this, you won’t have to worry about razor burn, making you look like a teenaged kid.

Travel Pouches

 When you’re not using a handcrafted blade to clean your face, keep it in a nice waterproof case. Put all your travel accessories in the pouch; it’s a neat, tidy, mature way of keeping your things together. And it sure beats carrying around a plastic bag with a bottle of shaving cream and a few plastic disposable razors in it, not to mention the Band-Aids you’ll need to repair the cuts from the shoddy cartridge blades.

Oils and Creams

You can’t expect your face to act the same as a woman’s face. You need lotions and oils made, especially for men, products that reduce redness and promote healthy aging without making you shiny or glittery. Spend a little more on these higher quality products—some things are worth the money. Keep an eye out for bottles that are small enough to travel. You don’t need a liter-sized bottle of aftershave to hold you over on a weeklong trip to Bangladesh.

Ladies, pay attention. You don’t always have to go the route of power tools and ties when it comes to finding gifts for him he’ll enjoy. Besides, giving a man the ability to keep his face smooth and clean isn’t only a gift for him—it’s a gift for you as well.