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Is It Safe and Healthy to Use Expired Vape Juice?



Is it safe and healthy to use expired vape juice?

E- Juices have become so popular among the vaping communities. Most people in the vaping communities do not have the proper knowledge required to vape safe and healthy juice for human consumption. Everything used for human consumption must have an expiry date, which means that it might cause harm if consumed beyond the expiry date. Many people among the vaping communities believed that e-juices do not have expiration dates. However, this is not the case because e-juices have expiration dates and may be harmful for human consumption if consumed after expiration.

E-juices, just like other food products have expiration dates which are indicated on the side of the bottle. There are also instructions stated on the bottle, and therefore it is advisable to take caution when using e-juices. When buying e-juice, you should identify the purchase date as this will enable you to determine how old the bottle is. If the e-juice is over two years, it is advisable to throw away as it may pose health risks to your body.

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However, proper storage of vape juice can keep it as fresh as possible, and this will make it safe and healthy for consumption. To maintain e-juices freshness, always ensure you do not expose them to too much heat and sunlight. E-juice bottles should be kept in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight. Exposing e-juices to heat and sunlight will damage them thus causing harm to your body if consumed. Also, e-juices freshness can be maintained if they are not exposed to air. Avoid drinking e-juice that has been left in the open air for an extended period because exposure to air also causes damage to e-juices.

E-juices that have stayed for long are easy to be identified because they show some clear signs. First, if e-juice has stayed for long, it will change its taste and color. If the e-juice has altered its color to dark brown, you should avoid consuming it because it can cause harm to your body. Also, if the taste of an e-juice has changed, it means that it is not fit for human consumption and you should throw it away.

Expired vape juice shows many signs, and you should be keen before consuming. If e-juice has expired, it will show at the bottom of the bottle. Formation of sediments at the bottom of an e-juice bottle which does not dissolve even after shaking is a clear indication that the e-juice an expired. Therefore, you should do away with it as it will not be safe for consumption. Proper storage of vape juice can hinder the formation of sediments

The smell of e-juice can indicate if it is safe for use. If an e-juice is made of vanilla or strawberry, it should have the exact flavors. Therefore, if you are consuming a vanilla e-juice with a different flavor, that is a clear indication that the e-juice has gone bad and it should not be consumed.

It is always good to be safe than sorry and, the question of whether it is safe to use expired vape juices is still unclear because there is no scientific proof. However, you should ensure that e-juice is always fresh before consuming as this will reduce exposure to health risks. Hence, it is important to master how to store E-juices and know the signs of expired E-juices.