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How to Stay Prepared for an Asthma Emergency



How to stay prepared for an asthma emergency

For someone who suffers from asthma, nothing is quite as terrifying as experiencing an asthma attack. They can happen in the most unexpected places during the most inconvenient times. No matter how many asthma attacks you have experienced, you never truly feel prepared for one. The fear alone of an asthma attack may cause yet another asthma attack. Fortunately, there are many preventative measures an individual can take to prepare for an asthma attack. Follow the tips in this article to help you get a better grip on any potential asthma attacks that may occur.

Remove the Fear 

Anxiety is oftentimes a trigger for an asthma attack to happen. They can occur in stressful situations and leave us feeling as if we have no control over a situation. One of the best methods you can do is to write down a plan in a journal about what steps you will take if you experience an asthma attack. By writing your plan down, you won’t have to keep thinking about possible scenarios that haven’t even happened yet. Writing things down helps clear our heads, which helps eliminate anxiety altogether. If you eliminate anxiety, you eliminate a potential trigger.

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Share the Plan

Once you have written your plan down, share it with your loved ones. This will also help reduce anxiety knowing that you have someone there who will be there for you if you happen to experience an attack. Informing your loved ones of what to do if you are experiencing an asthma attack is the best way to build a healthy support system. This will give them the information necessary to help you in the event of an attack.

Keep Your Inhaler With You

One of the most obvious ways to help stay prepared for an asthma attack is to keep your inhaler on you at all times. Knowing that your inhaler is with you can help quell any anxieties that you might fell over not be prepared for an asthma attack.

Making sure to keep the right medication with you is important too. Using medication like Advair Diskus can help you handle any kind of asthma attack that comes your way. Make sure to use your advair diskus discount to save yourself money when shopping for asthma medication as well.

Stay Away from Triggers

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If you happen to know what caused your last asthma attack, it is imperative that you avoid that trigger. Whether it is cigarette smoke or some other irritant, keep your distance to ensure that it doesn’t cause another attack. It also helps to get information about where you are going, if there may be any triggers there, and know when to step away if you feel an attack coming on.


A surprising way to prevent an asthma attack is to meditate. People who experience anxiety have a substantially higher amount of personal anxiety than other people. This means that anxiety is often the culprit for asthma attacks as well. If you are experiencing an asthma attack, take a moment and focus on your breathing. Do your best to relax your shoulders, sit down somewhere, and breathe slowly to help alleviate symptoms.

Asthma attacks can happen at almost any time without warning, whether we are prepared or not. Use these tips to help prepare yourself for an attack if you suffer from asthma. Having the right plan is key, as well as the right medication. Make sure to use your advair diskus discount to help you get the right medication to help you in the event of an attack.