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Addressing Workplace Stress: A Guide for Teachers



Addressing workplace stress: a guide for teachers

Teachers handle a great deal of stress at work. Aside from drafting lessons plan, they also need to prepare and research their materials for the next day’s lessons. The fact that they have a lot of things to handle on a daily basis makes teaching one of the busiest professions to take. And also, it’s a profession that involves high levels of stress.

For sure, workplace stress isn’t really a new thing — you can find in just about any industry. Its impact to one’s health and wellbeing, however, shouldn’t be overlooked. And for an industry that’s responsible of preparing the next generation, education is where a high concentration of anxiety can be found.

In fact, teachers are tied with nurses in terms of experiencing high daily stress. This goes to show that the workloads of teachers are nothing short of tedious. Nevertheless, teachers will still need to give their all in elevating the quality of education they can provide in the classroom.

With that being said, it’s important for teachers to know how best to prevent themselves from the effects of high stress. If you are an educator, here’s a guide to help you get through the daily grind.

Keep an organizer

Much of the stress involved in teaching has a lot to do with managing one’s time. Indeed, teachers juggle so many lessons and materials that’s easy to get frustrated with trying to keep up with one’s deadlines. To prevent the onset of stress, it’s essential to keep track of your weekly and daily schedules. Proper time management is important, and the best way to go about this is to keep an organizer or a daily journal. Keeping a record of the things you have done and still need to do can help you with managing your tasks better.

Seek therapy

If your stress levels are going through the roof, this will be an opportune time to seek out therapy sessions with a licensed practitioner. For one, you can get a massage session from an expert therapist. A one-hour massage is exactly what you need to relieve muscle pains. Apart from that, your back will also need extensive therapy, mostly due to sitting for hours on end checking papers and creating presentations. For this, you can get a qualified chiropractor to help you with back issues. For sure, you can find specialists just about anywhere. If you’re living in Manhattan for example, you can search for the best New York chiropractors online.

Use the pomodoro method

Accomplishing a task before a deadline can be one of the most intense experiences a teacher will have to undergo. It’s also a situation that requires intensive concentration, which entails little or no rest. Stress levels run high when you are working without any let-up. It comes to a point where it borders on being an unhealthy routine your body just couldn’t handle. Apparently, there’s a better way to secure better productivity without burning yourself out. Using the pomodoro method, you can time yourself to work on a task uninterrupted, with breaks in between that are enough to cool yourself down.

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