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FDA Approves Synthetic CBD



Fda approves synthetic cbd

The food and drug administration (FDA) has finally approved synthetic CBD. It has green lit the use of synthetic CBD produced by pharmaceutical companies, but not natural and organic CBD which is grown by farmers. What does this mean for the future of CBD?

What is synthetic CBD?

There is a difference between natural and synthetic CBD, since the latter is produced in a laboratory. However, studies show that synthetic CBD and its isolates don’t greatly differ from natural CBD. Scientists have worked on the development of synthetic CBD in order to produce medication with it.

Even though man-made, synthetic CBD oil and other CBD products aren’t naturally occurring, for now it hasn’t shown any long-term side effects and some medications are being produced from it. One of those medications is Epidiolex which is a synthetic cannabidiol CBD. Animal studies were underdone that showed that Epidiolex could help cure multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain.

It can be also noted that since synthetic CBD is approved by the FDA we can be sure that it has been manufactured in a safe environment and that there is no danger of mycotoxins that sometimes occur if cannabis isn’t grown and harvested properly. If you’re buying CBD from an untrusty supplier you never know exactly how the plants from which it was derived were grown and harvested.

Effects of CBD have been researched for decades now and most studies suggest that CBD could be useful in the treatment of numerous illnesses: migraines, psoriasis, rheumatism, epilepsy, depression, and many others. What’s important to remember is that cannabis oil isn’t a psychoactive cannabinoid in any way and won’t get you high.

A study of the medication Epidiolex was run on people suffering from epilepsy and it showed that patients who took synthetic CBD had a reduction in the frequency of their seizures. This means that people who are suffering from epilepsy now have a legal medication that could possibly be of great help to them.

Why this is great news

The potential benefits of CBD and industrial hemp have been well known for a while now and some people often use CBD rich products more than any other medication. Even though the FDA has currently only approved synthetic CBD (Epidiolex) in the United States, this means that the government is finally recognizing the potential benefits CBD has to offer, and it’s a stepping stone for the approval of organic CBD. It will probably take some time, but if CBD becomes legal everywhere in the United States it will be a huge victory for people who have been demonstrating its benefits and lobbying for legalization.

Scientists who have been studying the effects of CBD claim that it could be a powerful and natural medication that could make a major difference in a patient’s health and wellbeing. So many people are still wondering what does CBD feel like? Well there’s no THC and no ‘high’ so you can do everything you would normally do. If you do the required research and know that the CBD you’re taking was produced in a safe environment, you will probably find that CBD is one of the best remedies you can use.