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Finding The Best London Spas



Spa’s around Britain are becoming more and more popular year on year. They used to be about the odd spruce up or a treat for yourself and a friend, but the treatments spas have to offer are becoming more like essentials to a routine.

Women around the country are finding themselves booking appointments on a monthly, even weekly, basis. Women are starting to feel incomplete or self-conscious without their routine treatments to straighten out their wrinkles or limber up their muscles.

London is the center of spa treatments in Britain, and you can’t enter a town or borough without coming across one. What with such demand for them in recent years, why shouldn’t they be popping up left right and center?

A major contender for the most popular company offering spa treatments is the Sanctuary Spa. Now, everybody who cares about the quality of their skin has heard about these products, probably even used them, but what is less known by the general public is that there is a chain of Sanctuary Spa’s dotted around the country.

Of course, the major spa is one neatly tucked away in Covent Garden. The Covent Garden Sanctuary Spa opens its doors to almost 60,000 people each year. The stunning building and clean interior isn’t the only reason it is so popular. Upon entering the building, you are instantly escaping the hustle and bustle, which is the center of London. It is calming and serene, and it makes it hard to believe that such a relaxing and rejuvenating place could be situated so close to the manic lifestyle of the commuters outside.

It all began 35 years ago when a US Choreographer set up the business for a retreat for his ballerina wife. It grew year on year until it became a local hot spot for members of the Royal Ballet to come and wind down after a day on their feet. From there, it expanded and became the national aid to women it is today.

There are also spas set up in Bristol, Cambridge, and Richmond, and each of them is set up for women across the country to relax and enjoy themselves. Each spa is there to help women unwind with friends or family, and it will continue to do so for years to come. As a woman, all I can say is Amen to that!