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How To Quit Smoking Effortlessly



How to quit smoking effortlessly

Cigarette smoking can be extremely injurious to your overall health. Apparently, quitting smoking is not as easy as it seems, especially to individuals who have been smoking for years. And, most of the quit smoking strategies fail to succeed because some of the methods such as patches only focus on the physical addiction part, neglecting the psychological part in the whole equation. Here are tips and quitting resolutions that can enable you to quit smoking effortlessly.

Set a quit date

It is easier to stop smoking when start reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. However, as you keep track of how you reduce the number of cigarettes, you should also set a quit date that you intend to keep and respect. In fact, you shouldn’t try stopping at once, because that will create a stronger craving that will lead to a relapse. Therefore, in order to make the quitting process effortless and smoother, you should start reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke gradually until your quit date.

Avoid thinking about smoking

Once you have decided that you will quit smoking and by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, you should avoid thinking about smoking. In other words, you should try behaving as normal as possible. Just make sure you remember to smoke one cigarette lesser than the previous day and respect that routine.

Lack of willpower will derail your efforts to quit smoking. Remember, the conscious and subconscious mind can clash and the conflict will affect your progress. But, despite the physical urge to resist the nicotine addiction, you can still control the emotional triggers and succeed in your journey of fighting the addiction. You should consider seeking help from a hypnotherapist or professional help from Medicine Direct who have experienced experts in helping individuals quit smoking in a discreet environment.

Find a motivation

It is crucial to find something that motivates you to keep going. For example, since you spend money on buying cigarettes, you should start storing the money you save whenever you don’t buy a pack of cigarettes, in a glass jar. Place the glass jar in a visible location so that you can always see how much you have tried filling the glass by saving money when you don’t buy cigarettes. You can count the money after every five days and remind yourself that, that is the money that you could have spent harming yourself.

Keep yourself occupied

Most people easily relapse into smoking when sitting idly. Hence, since it is hard to quit instantly, especially if you have been smoking for several years, you need to keep yourself busy. Find things that can keep you busy when there is a craving or to avoid such cravings. For example, you should go for a walk, join a dance class or play your favorite game. In fact, you should try to be around people that you are usually not comfortable smoking in their presence.

You should consider finding alternatives to smoking such as chewing some gum or drinking herbal tea to suppress the cigarette smoking cravings. Hence, instead of buying cigarettes, you can buy gums whenever the cravings strike. In addition, try to find out how harmful smoking is so that you can think twice whenever you feel like having a smoke.