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Cremation in Colorado: The Best Choice



As a respected provider of cremation services in Denver, Colorado, Crematory offers the information you need to discuss funeral plans with your family. The prospect of such a talk may be daunting, but the benefits make it worth doing.

Traditional funeral costs, always on the increase, pose a hazard for a grieving family. While cremation continues to be the most economical choice, some families decide on the far more expensive option of burial. Often, they are led to this decision by an ignorance of the deceased’s wants. They mistakenly assume that the highest cost expresses the greatest love and respect. A sense of guilt may prevent them from considering other choices. Uncertain, they are easily manipulated into buying more than is necessary. While it is always difficult to talk about death, a conversation now can prevent painful anxiety and high funeral costs for your loved ones later on.

In much the same way, relatives may appreciate it if you initiate a talk about their expectations for their funerals. It is undoubtedly an awkward subject to bring up. There is always the fear of making the people around you feel sad or worried, and the problematic intersection of love, death, and money makes the subject a tricky one. Yet a straightforward approach can dispel much of the discomfort. Statistics suggest that there’s a good chance that most members of Colorado families will prefer cremation, so such a discussion can be of great use.

Cremation has grown in popularity in the United States throughout the last decades. While fewer than 5 percent of the national population were cremated in 1960, the number rose to a third of the population by 2006. Colorado is one of the states most open to cremation, with the current rate of people choosing that option at around 58 percent. More Coloradans choose cremation over burial, and that number continues to grow.

In recent years, the economy has lead many people to consider cremation as an option. A costly funeral no longer seems like the wisest occasion to spend money. In response to the demand for cremation, pricing has grown competitive. The difference in cost between a burial and cremation has never been more striking. An industry survey asking people why they would choose cremation found that 30 percent decided based on price.

Yet cremation offers other advantages as well. Burial does not allow for remains to be scattered at a favorite spot, while cremation does. No chemical embalmers are required for a cremation, so the process seems, in many ways, more environmentally friendly. The vast concrete vaults often used in inhumations are not called for with cremated remains. Indeed, many urns can fit within the area that one burial would occupy. Cremation is an old tradition with ties to many cultures. In ancient Rome, for instance, cremation was a rite reserved for only the most respected citizens.

If you or your family have questions about what a funeral involving cremation would be like, ask the professionals at Colorado Crematory. They can guide you through the process and give you a sense of what mourners can expect. Services at a crematory can vary from services at a traditional funeral parlor only to the final destination of the body.

After the cremation, an urn containing the ashes of the deceased will be given to the family. The ashes within can be kept, scattered or interred at the cemetery. The decision is made by the dead or by the family. Cremation offers survivors choices. Traditional burial does not. These choices can go some way in calling up positive memories during a hard time, and they may help to ease the burden of loss.

Visit Colorado Crematory in Denver to learn more about preplanning for cremation. See what others have said of their professionalism, look at the costs, and get a sense of what the benefits of cremation can be.