10 Quick Fashion Tips for Men

Men have a tendency to neglect fashion altogether. However, if you want to get noticed by women and make a good first impression wherever you go, focusing on your fashion will be beneficial. There are 10 quick fashion tips for men that can be easily applied:

1) Fit to impress

Fit your clothing to your body type. Most men have a tendency to wear clothing that is too large. Your clothes should be snug without being tight. Extremely tight fitted clothing is not recommended regardless of your body type.

2) Match your belt and shoes

It is easy to do but most men pay no attention to this area. Stand out and start focusing on small details like this.

3) Go shopping with a woman

Chances are high that one of your female friends is significantly more fashion conscious than you are. Take advantage of her knowledge and take her shopping with you. You may learn something new and at the very least, a second opinion is always beneficial.

4) Avoid dressing based on trends

If you want to stand out and make a lasting first impression, avoid the latest style trends. You can dress fashionably without looking like everyone else. Developing your own unique style can go a long way.

5) Never wear socks with sandals

While a nice pair of sandals can be fashionable in the summer, you should leave the socks at home. If you are anxious about showing off your feet, invest in a pedicure. You should not be afraid to go the extra mile to look your best.

6) Invest in a high quality pair of shoes

One of the first things a woman will notice about you is your shoes. While shoes can be expensive, a quality pair of shoes or mens leather dress boots can last you a long time. You will likely wear your shoes more often than any other piece of clothing. Do not skimp on your shoes and always keep them in pristine condition.

7) Invest in a quality wrist watch

Watches are a fashion accessory that is often neglected. Choose a neutral color that will allow you to wear it with any outfit. A nice watch can help you stand out in a crowd.

8) Avoid focusing on the brand

A recognized brand does not automatically mean the clothing is fashionable. By sticking to brand names, you will end up limiting your options and ultimately your wardrobe.

9) Wear ties that accentuate your shirt

Wearing a gaudy tie is a common fashion mistake. You want your tie to bring out the colors of your shirt, not the other way around.

10) Experimentation is key

Avoid limiting yourself to one specific look. Some of the best fashion statements are made entirely on accident. Do not be afraid to dress out of your comfort zone. Be a trend setter rather than a trend follower.

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