Healthier than Smoking?

This is a guest post by Chris Vern of Vape World, who is an avid vaporist.

Technology changes very rapidly and thankfully smoking is no exception.  Many people have heard about vaporization, but because the information is new, may not know exactly how it works.  It’s a rapidly growing industry, which is basically a healthy alternative to combustion, and uses indirect heat at much lower temperatures for those sensitive to smoke.  One doesn’t have to look very hard to see the facts.

Since burning any type of plant creates tar, emphysema and COPD are prevalent with smokers, as is heart disease and lung irritation.   Whereas vapor has little to no tar or carcinogens and water filtration can relieve any associated ‘sore throat’ feeling.  Those prone to coughing can moisture condition their vapor for a less harsh experience.  This also further removes any particulate matter, not to mention avoiding the long term health concerns linked to the by-products of smoking.

Ditch those lighters and stop burning your materials, for your health and the health of those around you.  Whether portable, desktop, or filtered through water, they create an alternative to the harshness of smoke.  And this superior method has been show to increase the active ingredients, with none of the negative side effects.  Your aromatherapy blends deserve a more elegant solution and all of our units are backed by our industry leading customer service.

There are many different vaporizers to choose from and many models feature an adjustable temperature based on what type of material is used. This leads to better flavor, more efficient use of ingredients and a wider range benefits to fit your aromatherapy needs.  And since there is no smoke only vapor, it has no adverse effects on cardiac function[1].  Make the switch to vaporization and begin to truly appreciate your blends.


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