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It’s an Alternative World



Alternative therapies are not exclusively used to heal ailments.  It might be that an illness is the reason that you visit a healer, but many people flock to alternative healers for general well-being.

Just like a car needs regular servicing to keep it running smoothly, so too do our bodies.

It is not inherent in all of us, particularly in our fast-paced daily lives, to carve out time for appointments to prevent an illness.  Generally, the norm is to prolong the inevitable until a radical cure is needed.  And that is when the majority of us head off to our GPs for a quick fix.

Alternative vs. Conventional

Properly qualified and genuinely caring alternative healers believe that prevention is better than cure.  These days, resilient winter viruses tend to be stuck on an annual repeat cycle, and they are becoming more persistent.

Mainstream medicine is not always able to tackle these transmuting germs successfully, and new versions of antibiotics continuously have to be researched.

It would be beneficial to find an alternative therapy that could strengthen your weakened immune system to minimize your propensity to get sick in the first place.

There are plenty of approaches, be they alternative or conventional, to suit everybody, and these days medical doctors are using alternative practices more often to enhance their patients’ recovery.

Types of therapies

There are many forms of alternative healing therapies.

The very basic of them being:

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki

You get varying degrees of massage from light massages for relaxation to more intense massages to sort out stiff shoulders or pulled muscles.  Reflexology is a form of massage that is applied to our feet.  Aromatherapy can be used as a way to enhance the massage experience and is associated with aromas of the pleasant kind.  Acupuncture, using needles, can heal a broad spectrum of conditions.  Reiki is a practice that uses the hands as a tool to promote healing by tapping into the universal life force or chi.  Acupuncture uses this same energy.


There is an active link between mind and body in these therapies, and a lot of them involve subtle energy work.  A calm and peaceful atmosphere is vital for this healing to be the most effective.

There are many certificates and diplomas offered to ensure adequate training in this field.  It is worth ensuring that your healer is qualified.  It would be a good idea to try a few different therapies to see which ones you are drawn to naturally.