Erectile Dysfunction Affecting Young Men Today

Erectile Dysfunction Affecting Young Men Today

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Erectile Dysfunction Affecting Young Men Today The American Medical Association has estimated that nearly 10 percent of the male population has experienced erectile dysfunction, characterized by an inability to achieve or maintain erections. Nearly every case is curable, often with simple treatments. The condition is categorized as a physiological medical issue, rather than a personal performance inability.

Psychological Causes

Erections are controlled by involuntary parts of the brain that also control responses such as blushing and goose bumps. This part of the brain is also is impacted by stress which can be manifested into erectile dysfunction.

Life generally includes stressful situations, such as from work, relationships and finances. This can all contribute to instances of erectile problems. As a result of the condition, many men also have the compounded anxiety and guilt associated with an inability to please his partner.

Because the condition can create more problems to deal with, it is very important to address all of the issues in a course of treatment.

Physical Causes

Vascular and kidney disease restrict the blood flow to the penis, which can inhibit erections. Strokes and other neurological disorders also block nerve impulses between the brain and the penis. Certain medications are also known to cause the condition, such as for anti-anxiety and other physical and mental disorders.


The physician generally begins the process of diagnosing the condition with a thorough discussion pertaining to medical, psychological and sexual history. The general examination includes lab tests such as for blood, urinalysis, and the ultrasound. All of those tests are necessary in order to determine the cause of erectile conditions.


Dealing with erectile issues requires a clear understanding of how the body operates, from physical, mental and spiritual perspectives. Knowing how those aspects affect sexual function is key to treating the condition adequately.

Erectile issues can be treated in a number of ways. When there is no physical cause present, usually men are referred to a therapist. There are also plentiful natural nutrition, vitamin and herbal solutions to the condition that may be attempted, often with great success.

For example, Ginkgo Biloba has been considered to be helpful for erectile conditions. There are other herbal remedies available that are specifically designed to treat the problem. In any case, beginning with a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle regimen is always advisable.

Some men can benefit from taking a prescription medication such as Cialis or Viagra. In some cases, men elect to undergo surgery and receive a penile implant to correct the condition as a physical malady.

Because erectile dysfunction may be caused by a number of factors and is usually easily treatable, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s examination and recommendation to correct the problem. As a very common condition, it can be solved simply with the right solution.

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