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Vape Pen – Is it Really Injurious to Health?



Vape pen – is it really injurious to health?

Before starting the discussion about vape pens, let’s talk about what is vape pen actually and why it is used. Because I believe most of the readers at health blog may not be aware of this thing called vape pen. Well, “Vape” is the short form of the English word “Vapors” or “Vaporizer.” So, the vape pen is a device that is used to vaporize some liquid filled inside the tank of the vape pen.

Why were Vape Pens introduced?

Here I need to mention further that these vape pens are an alternative to cigarettes. And here we have started our actual discussion, i.e., “Are Vape Pens injurious to health?” Vape pens were introduced as a device that could be an alternative to a cigarette, but the aim was to make smoking less injurious to health. The chain smokers who finish one or more packs of 20 cigarettes were offered to smoke vape pens, and they saw a significant difference. Where they were smoking 30 plus cigarettes per day, and now they had reduced it to only five or six per day.

All-day they used to smoke vape pens, and it was enough to keep them busy and to satisfy their urge to smoke. Now again a question comes to mind that what made a difference if they still smoke all day long whether it’s a cigarette or a vape pen? Well, that’s a good question to ask in this situation. So, let’s answer that first to move further in our discussion.

There are hundreds of companies manufacturing thousands of models of vape pens. Some of them are quite popular like Halo Triton, JUUL, Joyetech, Endura T18E, JAC, and so on. All these devices are produced by the company as a vaporizing device. Whatever will be filled in the tank will be vaporized by the vape pen. Now it’s up to you what you fill in the tank or chamber.

What is E-Liquid?

There are several types of liquids available in the market for vape pens. These liquids are called E-Liquid or E Juice. Different kinds of flavors can be found with different concentrations of nicotine. Some of the E Liquids are even without nicotine, and they are medicated. They are used to keep you away from smoking. Only flavors are added in such kind of E Liquids.

Vape Pen for Quitting Smoking Habit

Now if you want to quit smoking, you will have to plan it. You can’t leave it all of a sudden if you were an aggressive smoker. You will have to calculate the nicotine you were taking in the form of smoking and then find the E-Liquid which has a nicotine concentration lesser than the amount you were taking daily. Now reduce it gradually, and you will find that you have improved to a good level. And finally, you can quit smoking once you reach the level where your body is not more addicted to a high dose of nicotine.

So here we are coming back to our question, “Are Vape Pens injurious to health?” I guess you would have found the answer already. It depends on why you are using the vape pen. If you’re using it to quit smoking then it’s definitely good for your health, but if you are using a high concentration of nicotine in the form of E-Liquid then a vape pen is injurious to health whether you’re using Endura T18E or JUUL, it won’t matter a lot.