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Most Famous Vape Pens in 2018



Most famous vape pens in 2018

The trend of vape pens is increasing to a good extent in 2018. A good percentage of smokers already shifted to electronic smoking during the recent years. They are good reasons behind this decision. The main reason is no doubt the health issue. We can’t say that vape pens are not injurious to health, but we can state that vape pens with low nicotine liquids are less harmful than an ordinary cigarette.

The second reason is acceptability. It seems odd if you smoke in public or even in the office for many reasons. It smells bad and passive smoke is far dangerous for others. But when we talk about electronic cigarette, we see that people don’t mind if you are smoking it even close to them. The smoke can be controlled to a minimum, so if you feel that people may mind, you can reduce the smoke level to a minimum. Its smoke doesn’t smell bad to most of the people rather it feels a bit refreshing. So people rarely mind if you are smoking an electronic cigarette close to them.

You seem more up-to-date when you smoke an electronic cigarette. So that’s another reason for the popularity of the e-cigarette. Well, we can discuss many other reasons here in support of vape pens, i.e., electronic cigarette, but the main purpose of the article is a bit different. We are here to discuss most famous vape pens in 2018. So let’s start discussing top five vape pens in 2018.

Joyetech eGO

Joyetech is considered the legend in the field of electronic cigarette. It is, without any doubt, one of the oldest vape pens manufacturers in the world. If you want to have a classical electronic cigarette, then you must choose Joyetech eGo. They have many other versions of vape pens, but this one is best because it is made for beginners and pro-smokers alike. The best thing about Joyetech eGo is the battery time which is almost double of the others. So, if you are not an aggressive smoker, you can use it all the day long on a single charge.

Davinci IQ Vaporisers

Davinci IQ Vaporisers are one of the leading vape pens brands in Australia. They are advance in technology which enables them to create the safer vape pens. The temperature control, smoke control, excellent battery time and elegant designs are the things which make Davinci IQ one of the famous brands in vape pens.


Rubi is a bit different than other vape pens. The main reason behind its popularity is the smoke cloud it creates. Most of the pro level smokers love it because it creates extra smoke and they can play well with the smoke. In most of the smokers videos which create rings and other such things with smoke, use Rubi vape pens.

Jac Vapour

Most famous electronic cigarette brands in Europe, Jac Vapour, is considered one of the oldest vape pen model and the safest one as well. Most of the beginners prefer to have Jac Vapour because they consider it safe. It creates average smoke, but you can get more smoke and bigger cloud by changing the coil.