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3 Effective Holistic Treatments for Acute Anxiety or Depression



3 effective holistic treatments for acute anxiety or depression

Finding a holistic treatment for anxiety or depression is difficult. A doctor is likely to readily prescribe a powerful pharmaceutical that may have a stronger effect on your mood, outlook, and disposition than you’d like. At that point, it’s difficult to think clearly enough to get back off such medication.

For people who do not feel that their anxiety or depression is in any way life-threatening, then a holistic treatment is worth a strong consideration.


CBD is one of the compounds found in Cannabis. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published in 2013 cited CBD as having numerous benefits including anti-inflammation, as an antioxidant, and reducing anxiety. CBD Oil is non-psychoactive, which means that it is a healthy, holistic option for people looking to calm their ongoing anxiety.

Finding a good supplier of CBD is not easy. There are a few questionable sources. Therefore, it’s important to get your supply of CBD oil UK from a reputable source. CBD UK suppliers George Botanicals is one such supplier with a respected brand that’s ideal for people wanting to try the anxiety-reducing remedy for themselves.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort has been a reliable, mild treatment for low-levels of depression over many years. The right dosage is taken three times a day, from 300mg to 600mg at the top end. Taking St. John’s Wort in pill form for a week should bring noticeable results. Should that not be the case, consider increasing dosage from a 300mg base to 600mg to see if that helps, or not. St. John’s Wort works for some people and not others.

Note: Women using birth control pills should not use St. John’s Wort as it makes their birth control less reliable.

Feeling Good Therapy

Feeling Good, the trusted book from David D. Burns M.D. deals with anxiety and serious depression from a holistic perspective. For people who are not self-harming and are not at risk of suicide (seek immediate medical assistance if this is the case), Burns puts them through a series of exercises to self-diagnose the level of depression that they have. Surprisingly enough, the self-diagnosis tends to be quite accurate.

There are exercises to run through, but Dr Burns also encourages readers to look at their true-life situation and assess it more realistically. Many people catastrophic situations believing that they’re worse than they actually are. His book is particularly good at helping suffers either get off pharmaceutical medicines, switch to holistic options, or manage their moods themselves without medical intervention.

Treating either anxiety or depression is a serious subject. Anxiety attacks can potentially become crippling for suffers who may reach a point where they cannot go out of the house or accomplish even smaller tasks that might challenge them. The situation often worsens as their personal comfort zone continues to shrink unless the ongoing anxiety is addressed promptly.

With depression, it can go unnoticed for years. However, if untreated, it doesn’t always go away of its own free will. Whether you’re a sufferer yourself or you have a friend or a family member who has bouts of depression, understanding different ways to help them is the best first step.