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What to Consider When Choosing an Adjustable Electric Massage Table



What to consider when choosing an adjustable electric massage table

The words ‘massage table’ has been in use for less than 100 years since its formation in the early 1920s. Before that, it was referred to as couches and in the early days as slabs. Did you know that massage tables dating from 1000 B.C-2000 are housed in the World of Massage Museum in the US?

In the earlier ages, massage table primary use was in healing rituals and practices. It’s documented in history that Romans and Greeks used the table first. They called them plinths (marble slabs). The various uses included as you guessed it massage, hydropathy treatment (now called hydrotherapy treatment), defoliation processes and cleaning.

The revolution of massage tables, though slow, ensures both the patient’s and the massage therapist comfortability while in a session. Nowadays, you aren’t limited to fixed options as you have the options of portability and flexibility. There are two types of massage tables fixed and portable. Both tables may include adjustable options as wells as accessories to go with them.

You have been looking around stores and browsing the internet for top bargains as you’ve settled for an adjustable electric massage table. What factors do you consider before making a purchase?

The Massage Table Selection

The massage table is a vital piece of equipment for those of you who are in the massage business. But, usually, less thought is given when making a purchase. Below are some pointers to get you in the right direction to get the best table to cater to your needs.

The Type and Duration the massage takes

This is a factor to consider, as you’ll be massaging different kinds of people with different needs. You could have clients who are expectant and in need of pregnancy massage to relieve lower back pain and swollen ankles.

Room size

The size of your practice room matters. You won’t need a large table for a tiny room restricting movement in, out and around during the therapy. Take measurements of your room and compare them with prospective tables.

Fixed or Portable

Equally important whether you cater to clients at their homes or they visit you at your place for the therapy. If the table doesn’t cause space issues then you could opt for a fixed table but when you have limited space, a portable option is suitable.

Height Differentiation

Determining which height suits you is the first factor you ought to keep in mind. The height differentiation is simply the range between the lowest and highest positions. You’ll need to think about how low the ground is and how high you wish the table should be from the ground.

The sound of the Motor

The word ‘silent’ means a lot when it comes to motor operation in an adjustable electric table. Try to test the massage table if possible, if you can’t, read online reviews getting other users’ experience.


An important consideration too is knowing how fast and smoothly your table sets up. This may not be something you could test but you have the internet to help you. Read reviews from buyers who’ve purchased and used the table.

Control Mechanism

What to consider when choosing an adjustable electric massage table

Massage tables come with different types of controls. There are some fitted with hand control, others with foot controls or a combination of both. Some tables do have the option of up to two foot pedals for added efficiency.


Being able to move your leg and foot under the table is also another important consideration, especially if you work a lot. It’s not uncommon finding the motor box under the table reducing legroom restricting movement, which is a hindrance. There are options with crossed legs which can restrict position yourself when working on therapy sessions with clients.

Even vs. Pieces (sections)

Some tables, which use hydraulic lifts, are flat, just like traditional massage tables, where the table lifts up wholly. Other massage tables give you the flexibility of moving sections, enabling you to place your client precisely. Flexibility comes in the form where the table moves a unit or using a tilt option. The tilt option functions with the help of an electric lift for the massage table.

Add-ons and accessories

Since all retailers are different, they also offer varying accessories, which can include cradles, arm and headrests, and length extensions. If you find a particular retailer not having an accessory that meets your needs, check with another as they might have.


Money issues are always contentious issues. Adjustable electric massage table price ranges from $1000-$7000 and depends on add-on features and shipping. An electric massage table is bulky and heavy which makes shipping costs considerably costly. Be sure to confirm the shipping costs before checking out.


Your guarantee is one aspect you shouldn’t overlook, even if you are not in the business for long-term. In addition to the adjustable frame, vinyl, and foam, your table also comes with the motors and controls. A good guarantee is worth every dime spent.

Trusted Manufacturer

This is something worth stressing especially if you are opting to buy your table from the internet. It’s mandatory to check the manufacturer’s credibility. Although you can buy from the manufacturer directly, there may be a couple of resellers selling that table. Find out how these resellers operate and level of customer service to avoid future problems. You can do this by going online and checking the reviews of these resellers.

You’ve gone through all the above factors and none of them suits you, there is an option to create a DIY massage table. I guess you’re asking yourself whether it’s even possible. Yes, it actually is.

The heart of the movement of the table depends on table lifts. They are easy to install, flexible and integrate smoothly with your table’s accessories.

But how would you know which type of table lift set to implement with massage table? Simple, search for highly rated linear motion product manufactures and seek consultation.

You right now know the insight on how to select a table that suits your needs. Remember; always check with different manufacturers or resellers to get the best value for your money. Every aspect needs consideration before making an informed decision. Online search and user reviews are your first points of reference in your search.