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5 Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking



5 reasons why vaping is better than smoking

For millions of people around the world who actively vape, their reason would be to quit smoking. When a researcher asked a sample of a thousand people in one city whether they would get a vaping kit when their present one broke, they replied yes without a doubt. You might wonder what is so popular and special about vaping that it should concern you and this article presents the reasons why considering vaping in favor of smoking should be a choice everyone makes for their own good and that of many other people.

Read on to find out more.

Forget the odor of smokers

Most smokers have an odor, mostly from their mouth, even when they do not have a lit cigarette. Years of burning their lungs and keeping the smoke in the trachea and the rest of their air exchange track do some damage to the quality of their breath. Meanwhile, vaping does not include the carcinogenic compounds found in traditional smoking, thus, there is no bad odor from the activity, and the lack of order makes the experience quite rewarding for both the smoker and those who are in the vicinity.

It is a cheap undertaking

Vapors do not have to break the bank while enjoying an e-cig. You just need a set of batteries, the cartomizer, and the e-juice that completes that pack. The e-juice gives you a particular flavor of your experience. The prices of the kit can vary based on the brand and the value proposition of the seller, but in most cases, you buy these kits once and the e-juice can last you several months. Consider the packets of cigarette you would buy and the medical expenses you would incur. On the other hand, consider the possibility of getting a bigger e-cig rig that lets you have sufficient e-juice stock to last months. You can even order it online, which is to your convenience, and that saves you more money by allowing you to focus on other things. When you are vaping, no one will fine you any smoking fees in a social establishment and you would not have to go across town trying to find a dedicated smoking zone.

The activity is very safe

The burning sensation of tobacco and the fact that you cannot smoke in most highly flammable areas makes traditional smoking quite dangerous and risky. On the other hand, vaping does not pose fire risks as cigarettes of the traditional kind usually do. No one wants to put others in danger through selfish choices and you should not be the one to commit such atrocity. The e-cigarette alternative is god-sent in this case since it comes just in time when the world is morning many lives caused by unfortunate fires that have something to do with cigarette disposal. The unfortunate thing is that all cigarette smokers say they will be responsible, but when you are in the heat of the moment, thinking through issues in your mind and getting the throat hit, you find it quite easy to unconsciously flip the remaining cigarette head away from your fingers and you never know where it lands. Avoid all that by becoming a vapor.

A cool social status minus the sacrifice

When you opt for  the top electronic cigarettes brands list by E-Cig-Brands you get an assurance of the best build quality of the vaping kit, plus the latest and freshest selection of e-juice flavors. Consequently, you will be getting the best relaxing effect of smoking without actually put out any smoke, risking your life’s health, and probably disturbing your entourage. Instead, you will be just cool in your own way because you mind other people, plus you are minding your personal commitment to quit smoking or to not smoke the traditional cigarettes.

Vaping gives you a smoker’s reward

Although it lacks the bad things associated with smoking, vaping actually comes with all the smokers’ rewards. It gives you a hand to mouth motion. It delivers a throat hit. Lastly, it also presents an exhale reward, the vapor from the e-juice, so that you actually feel as though you are doing something.

After going through the five reasons for vaping, you are in a better position to make an informed choice that would eventually be most beneficial to you. Do the right thing, pick the best brands available to you and enjoy the rest of your e-juice sampling escapades.