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Proven Natural Methods to Get Rid of Mice in Your House



Proven natural methods to get rid of mice in your house

One of the creatures that are on top position in the ranking of the most uninvited guests at home is the mouse. Almost everyone would be horrified by the thought of a mouse invasion in their home.

For their normal existence, mice look for shelter, water and enough food to survive. No one wants to have this “mice habitat” in his home, but unfortunately sometimes it happens. That is why here are some natural tips and strategies to successfully fight home mice.

Mint Oil

It seems that odor of peppermint is unbearable for mice and scares them away. What you need to do is soak swabs with peppermint oil and put them into places where mice reside. If you can’t find mint oil, citrus oil could be your alternative. Another way to obtain this odor is to put mint leaves in your home like growing a potted plant. This way you will live up your home with plants and prevent mice as well.

Bird feathers

Some people say bird feathers scare mice. Why not try it? Take some feathers and put them into the infestation places. In case you have a garden, you could also try with plastic snakes, since that’s what other people say it worked for them.

Black pepper

The smell of black pepper makes mice breathe more difficult. Put ground black pepper in the corners of your home, as well as in the niches and holes where they could potentially accommodate. Since the smell is the thing that will expel those pests, it is good to change it regularly so it would have a strong enough aroma.

Bay leafs

Bay leaf is the other spice, after black pepper, which enters the battle and comes to save us from infestation.  Mice mistake the leaves are their food and eat them. After they ingest them, some people state they die. If the last 3 methods didn’t work for you, try this method by placing the leaves where you found mice and repeat until all unwanted guests disappear.


Onions are also a very effective anti-mice agent. Here again, the smell is the thing that will drive them away.


Classically proven method, make your own or go and buy one and place a mouse trap. This is the most humane way of fighting mice. Once they get trapped, you can drop them somewhere in nature, away from the city and homes of people.

How you can protect yourself from mice infestation:

  1. Always keep your home, attic and basement clean
  2. Plug up all possible holes where mice could eventually penetrate and stay in your home.
  3. Try making the garbage can clean, covered and closed as far as possible. Clean it regularly and don’t hold food waste for long periods of time.
  4. Bring up a cat – a pet that will enjoy your presence and as a bonus you will have a mouse fighter.
  5. Having a backyard – do not leave food and food stuff outdoors for extended periods of time.
  6. Do not leave stagnant water in flower pots, and other vessels.
  7. Cut tall and dense bushes in your garden so there won’t be many places where rodents could hide.

What you should not do:

  • Do not leave food in random places, uncovered or unpacked.