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Benefits of Vaping – The Healthier Smoking Alternative



Benefits of vaping – the healthier smoking alternative

Vaping continues to gain in popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes for people with an addiction to nicotine that still needs that occasional kick. While people who practice holistic medicine would no doubt prefer that no one smoked at all, there are those that see vaping as a healthier option to switch to. They take that to the next step, believing that people who make the switch can later wean themselves off nicotine completely and are, therefore, supportive of vaping.

Here are some of the benefits of vaping.

Healthier or Less Harmful?

The risks associated with smoking are high, but they’ve been found in several studies to be considerably lower when smoking e-cigarettes. The equivalent reduced risk has been put as higher as a 95 percent reduction in some cases.

As Dr. McRobbie opinioned from the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine in London, the risks are “many times lower” than smoking tobacco. On the other side of the pond, the Virginia Commonwealth University over in Richmond, Virginia found that health risk was substantially reduced when smokers made the switch to e-cigarettes.

Bear in mind that flavored vapes are the worst kind to buy from a health standpoint. These include metals and mixed particles, and sometimes include some chemicals which get sucked into your lungs or bloodstream along with the nicotine. However, many of the health risks are still substantially reduced compared to smoking, which is why doctors are recommending vaping over smoking with an eye to getting off vaping later too.

Smoking in Public

There’s now a ban on smoking cigarettes in most public venues. The risks of second-hand smoke inhalation are now well known with links made to various cancers, heart disease, and more. There are up to 4,000 separate chemicals present in cigarette smoke including Benzopyrene, Ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide, to name just a few.

By contrast, vaping only distributes water vapor into the air; not smoke. This has barely detectable odor unlike with regular smoking and doesn’t cause breathing problems for people nearby. The smoke also doesn’t carry across the room to cause coughing and discomfort to others sitting a distance away. There’s no persistent smoke odor on the clothes, hair or breathe that is so unpleasant to non-smokers either. As such, vaping is far more socially acceptable than regular smoking.

Less Expensive

Smoking one pack a day can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars or more per month. The cost is considerable as former smokers notice when they finally manage to quit. With the cost of a vape pen, the expense might be $50-100, but this is reusable with a refill that costs $20-40 and lasts some time. Because of this, a vaping habit is several times less costly than smoking. You can also buy an inexpensive disposable CBD oil vape pen so you can enjoy some discreet relaxation time.

Just making the switch from smoking to vaping is something could benefit your retirement fund if you put the spare cash into a Vanguard index fund instead of going shopping with it. You’ll also likely save money on healthcare costs down the road too.

Flavor Choices

Enjoying vaping is more likely than being stuck with a smoking addiction. The wide range of e-liquid flavors with many vapers having personal favorites among the e-cigarette brands and limited-edition flavors releases provides a wider choice for smokers. You can also find CBD oil vape pens if you want to try something different.

Successfully Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Smokers have a choice whether to switch to e-cigarettes that try to create a flavor that’s similar to smoking or whether to try some exotic vaping flavors which step away from how a cigarette usually tastes on the tongue and mouth. Smokers who try to switch to a vaping option that apes the smoking taste usually end up disappointed and don’t make the switch permanent. Smokers who instead look for a new flavor while still managing their nicotine cravings are often far happier and take to vaping much better. This second group is more successful because they pick a flavor they enjoy which makes the switch sustainable for them.

More Convenient

Vaping is far more convenient than finding a place to light up. There are so many occasions where you’re wanting a cigarette and you know that you’re banned from doing so with heavy fines for crossing the line. Being able to vape in social situations where it’s accepted as a healthier alternative makes it more likely people will enjoy doing it. The e-cigarette offers greater access without needing to go outside with the actual smokers and breathe in their harmful second-hand smoke for your trouble. If you want to try vaping CBD oil for health reasons, a disposable vape pen is a perfect accessory.

What About Addiction Levels?

The level of addiction with smokers differs from person to person. Certainly, people who smoke more than a pack a day will find it more difficult to switch to an alternative. Similarly, if they’re getting away from other addictions in their life, then smoking is often the habit that continues because they feel like they must have something left to enjoy.

With people who smoke half a pack a day or less, then addiction to nicotine has less of a vice grip on them. Making the switch to vaping is an easier one to achieve, even if they must give different flavors a try over time until they discover out that delivers a better flavor than they’re used to.

Once having switched across to vaping, there’s still plenty of nicotine hitting the lungs. However, vapers later find that they have a much easier time cutting back on their vaping frequency and then cutting it out completely. For people who care about their health, vaping is a healthy way to proceed when they cannot face giving up smoking the cold turkey way.

For smokers who wish to improve their life and health, or who just wish to try something new, then vaping is an excellent option. The same applies to anyone wishing to take advantage of the health benefits of CBD oil.