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Weight Loss

How Weight Loss Surgery Works, Is it Affordable?



Obesity is a health problem that affects a lot of people, especially in America. There are various ways that one can lose the extra weight and adapt to a healthy life such as exercising, eating healthy foods, and so on. Well to some people, losing weight naturally can be quite a task, and therefore, they result in having a weight loss surgery. The procedure can involve the gastric bypass which consists of the reduction of the stomach size to enable you to control you’re eating, or it could include lap band process.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Affordable?

What discourages most patients from undergoing surgery are the costs that you incur. It is not a cheap way of losing weight but, if you compare the amount of money you get to save in the long run, you will find it worthwhile.

  • For example, if you are overweight the food budget is always high since your consumption of food is high too.
  • There are high chances of losing your job since you are not able to work well.
  • You are exposed to the risks of various diseases such as diabetes which may also increase your expenses through medications.

Although you will be required to spend a high amount of money to carry out the weight loss surgery, you get to save a lot of money in return since all the above-discussed bills will be cut short and we cannot forget that you also get to live a long and healthy life.

The Actual Cost of Weight Loss Surgery

Are you worried at how much does weight loss surgery cost? Let us review some of the procedures and the prices involved.

Lap-band Surgery

The average cost of this type of surgery is estimated to be around 15000 dollars. The overall cost covers all the medical attention that you will need, the number of days you will be staying at the hospital, the surgeon’s fee, and also the anesthesia.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a bit expensive since various factors are considered before one is charged. The surgery is charged depending on the number of hours that the patients will stay in the operating room, the cost of the operating equipment, and also any additional equipment that may be needed in the operating room. So the price of this surgery is estimated to be between 19000 to 22000 dollars.

If you are looking for an affordable procedure, well lap band surgery is the right option. It takes about an hour to complete, and the patient does not need to stay in the hospital because they are discharged after around 3 hours. On the other side, gastric sleeve surgery takes a long time, and the patient may stay for long in the hospital depending on how long they need the doctor‘s monitoring.

The Affordable Weight Loss Surgery

Although we initially saw that the lap band is the most affordable weight loss surgery to undergo, it is also essential to note that it is not upon you to decide the kind of operation to take. After the surgeon carries on tests in your body, they later diagnose you with the right surgery to take. Besides you have to consider that this is a life turning point and you are bettering your body for a better future.

Ways to Make the Surgery Affordable

The first thing to do is consider using an insurance premium. If your insurance can cover weight loss surgery, this will help in slicing down the total cost.

Weight surgery is a better alternative for weight loss since it impacts you in a significant way. There are two kinds of weight loss procedures to choose from depending on the amount of weight you have and the financial capability as well. Choose a doctor who is qualified and well known to carry out these procedures to avoid getting botched or any other health complication.