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Important Lifehacks to Improve your Health at Work



Important lifehacks to improve your health at work

Everyone has experienced coming home from work exhausted. Then again, was there ever any work that doesn’t leave you broken at the end of each day?

Being stressed out of our minds and dead tired is a normal part of working a nine-hour job. After all, we need to show some skills to pay the bills. But you have to admit that too much work can actually be fatal. In fact, the World Health Organization points out that workplace stress is closely tied to several risks. Whereas a healthy work environment is one that provides a manageable and balanced workload to their employees, while employers who put too much emphasis on productivity can have psycho-social effects.

As companies are becoming more competitive, employees are expected to work beyond their limits so as to maintain the overall efficiency of the organization, if not improve it.

Luckily, companies are beginning to promote work-life balance as an essential component in their operations. They are acknowledging the need to keep workers happy in order to strengthen their bottom line.

For your part as an employee of a business organization, you should also begin by safeguarding your health using the following tips:

Learn to say “no”

There’s nothing wrong with accepting any task that’s placed on your table. Still, you need to understand that you have your own limits, and can’t always expect yourself to cross out as many job orders in your list in one go. As much as possible, take your assignments one at a time and keep only those that you will need to prioritize. If you’re given minor tasks to accomplish, you can always delegate these to another member of your team who is not as preoccupied as you are.

Eat healthy

If you are in a rush to beat the deadline for a specific task, chances are you will be binge eating on your favorite comfort food. Sure potato chips and milk chocolate bars can help you keep your head in the game, but constant consumption of these foods can affect your overall health. In place of salty and sweet snacks, you can try binging on healthier alternatives such as fruit yogurt or a vegetable smoothie.

Suggest a better workspace

Aside from the food you eat your cubicle, your environment can also influence your health in significant ways. The absence of windows, for example, is proven to reduce your productivity. If you think your present location in the office affecting your work, you can always ask your supervisor to move you to another place where you can function to your full capacity.

Be Comfortable

Does your back hurt every time you spend extended hours doing paperwork? Does your keyboard and mouse put a great deal of stress on your fingers? If yes, then it is important to l ask if you could replace them with more comfortable equipment. According to Ergosource, the type of furniture you use at work can directly influence your productivity. After all, you can’t accomplish certain tasks if your back is killing you. With ergonomic furniture and tools, you can work on these tasks without any distraction.