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Tips To Stop Smoking For Good



Tips to stop smoking for good

It is a phrase that people constantly hear nowadays; smoking is a bad habit. For some who have developed a smoking habit, however, quitting can seem a daunting and near impossible task. For many, smoking is a stress release, and the nicotine in cigarettes mean that it is an incredibly addictive habit. This is the downfall for many who are attempting to cut smoking from their lives. However, when attempting any task, taking small steps is the best way to start.

Why Is It So Difficult To Quit?

Nicotine is a principal ingredient in cigarettes. The chemicals in nicotine have an almost instant effect on the body’s dopamine and noradrenaline levels, which in turn change our mood and concentration levels. These changes are why it can be hard to quit. Going ‘cold turkey’ can result in strong nicotine cravings. However, quitting is something worth pursuing; the benefits of smoking can begin as little as one hour after the last cigarette, and after just one day of quitting,  the risk of heart attack begins to decrease.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Luckily, research and development within the health industry have meant various products have been developed to help smokers quit. By using alternative products when you first begin your journey to quit, the nicotine cravings can be reduced without returning to cigarettes. They have been developed to distract and assist a smoker who is attempting to quit. The controlled amounts of nicotine in the products spare your body from further harm and can make those first stages of quitting that little bit easier. Lozenges, chewing gum, and skin patches are just some of the NRT’s that are available.

Seeking Support

Seeking support can be massively beneficial when a smoker decides to quit. Many may be surprised at how many people try to quit smoking; support groups are one way to go or discussions with family or friends about the benefits can help too. On the most difficult days, support from your peers may provide you with the determination to carry on when NRT’s may simply seem not enough.

Alternative Therapies

As well as developed products, and emotional support, alternative therapy can mean an individual can find their own personal effective techniques to assist with the quitting process. Self Hypnosis can be used to help tackle the mental challenges of quitting smoking and work with the individual, on their own terms, to help with the emotional hurdles that are faced when somebody decides to quit smoking.

The Benefits of Quitting

As well as developing techniques to help cope with the quitting process, looking forward to the possibilities as a non-smoker can be a great incentive to help you quit. A packet of cigarettes a day can cost up to $1,500 a year, so it is not only a costly habit for your health but also your wallet. On those days where it seems an impossible task and may seem a pointless endeavor, reminding yourself of the reasons for quitting can give you that extra push to keep going.