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Keeping it Classy: Vaping Has Become More Than Just a Trend



Keeping it classy:  vaping has become more than just a trend

Vaping is becoming much more accepted and popular all around the world, and some even consider it a lifestyle. E-cigarettes don’t take up that much space at all, which means you can carry them around with practically zero effort or extra accommodations. And best of all, most people really like the way they look, effectively transforming these devices into a fashion accessory.

The effect of our role models

When people see celebrities vaping, they want to do exactly the same thing themselves, especially the younger audiences. This is one of the many factors that has made vaping devices as prominent and readily-available as they are today. One of the recently released statistics reveals that one fifth of the American population vapes at least once a day.

An alternative to classic cigarettes

Did you know that analog cigarettes contain a total of 599 additives, while there are only 4 chemical ingredients in e-cigarettes? In fact, smokers are exposed to over 7,000 chemicals when inhaling the smoke. Since vaping is still relatively new, we can’t predict the long-term effects with a 100% reliability. But one thing is for certain: vaping exposes you to way less harmful chemical compounds than traditional cigarettes.

Vaping community is there to help

Since we live in the information age, accessing information through internet has become a breeze. And if there’s something you can’t seem to be able to find online, you can join one of the vaping communities and ask your question directly; someone is bound to respond sooner or later.

A plethora of vaping devices

There’s all sorts of vaping devices, so there’s almost no limit in terms of being able to customize your vaping experience. For example, cannabis users absolutely love the dry herb vaporizer, and apart from the widely known vaporizers for e-liquids, there’s also the option of getting a vaporizer for waxes. Want to vape more than one material without needing to carry around a dedicated device for each of them? Simply get one of the hybrid vaporizers – problem solved!

Vaping from a legal standpoint

Generally speaking, most countries allow you to vape wherever you’re allowed to smoke. The same etiquette applies as well: don’t blow smoke in people’s faces and always ask for permission to vape indoors. In terms of acquiring vaping devices or e-liquids, you’re going to need to be of legal age, otherwise most vendors won’t be willing to sell you any. That being said, some countries have decided to place a ban on vaping, so always check if your local environment is in favor of it or not.

What does the future hold?

Many people have successfully been able to quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes, and the trend is likely to continue in the future. In the global sense, the vaping market was estimated to be worth $20 million in 2008. In 2016, it has become a $2 billion industry, and as more and more people are starting to get aware of it as an alternative to smoking, it’s likely going to get even bigger as time goes on.


To summarize it all with a couple of words, vaping is an emerging trend, a way of life, an alternative to smoking, and a fashion statement all at once. In the end, what better way to quit smoking is there that is deemed quite as classy?