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Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced: What You Need To Know



Super beta prostate p3 advanced: what you need to know

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is a high-quality product that comes with an updated formula comprising three key ingredients. The product is designed to enhance men’s health and vitality. It is manufactured in the United States using the finest ingredients sourced from the different parts of the world. Users can take advantage of the supplement, which has an ingredient that may help support a healthy prostate size.

It comes as no surprise that it is one of the most popular prostate support supplements. Its activity has been shown to minimize nighttime bathroom visits, thus enabling users to enjoy a well-deserved night’s rest. The supplement achieves this objective by greatly supporting prostate function. It is well suited for any men concerned with prostate issues.

P3 Ingredients

P3 Advanced derives its strength from a tried-and-tested selection of key ingredients. These include:


This ingredient is derived from a plant sterol found in a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Clinical studies have showed that beta-sitosterol can provide a viable way to support a stronger urine flow. As a result, it becomes easier to minimize frequency of urination. Unlike other prostate support supplements, which either contain a low amount of beta-sitosterol or none, P3 Advanced bolsters efficacy by incorporating an adequate amount of this key ingredient.


Lycopene is found in tomatoes and provides a practical way to support prostate function. Researchers revealed that the ingredient may also help support healthy prostate size, which is vital to anyone concerned with prostate function. It is categorized as a carotenoid. Older men with significantly low levels of lycopene typically face greater risk of developing urinary tract symptoms.

The ingredient is effective when it is incorporated into the formula in the right amounts. P3 Advanced comes with 15 milligrams of of lycopene. The composition enables users to experience the full benefits of the ingredient without taking too many capsules.

Reishi mushroom

Reishi mushrooms have been used in Asian traditional medicine for many generations thanks to their powerful properties. The extract can reduce urges to urinate and support overall prostate function.

Benefits of Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

Some key advantages of ingredients in this supplement include:

– Better quality of life

– Reduced nighttime urination

– No prescription required

– Stronger urine flow

– Incorporates only the most effective ingredients

– May support healthy prostate size

– Backed by clinical research

Trusted manufacturer

New Vitality is a supplement manufacturer with a solid reputation for creating high-quality products based on innovative formulas. The company is the recipient of an award by GNC, which demonstrates the premium status of its product range.

Where to Buy

P3 Advanced is available through online and offline retail channels, including New Vitality’s website. Customers can take advantage of a risk-free trial bottle containing 60 capsules.