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How to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking



How to consume marijuana without smoking

Marijuana is for smoking, right? However, regularly smoking marijuana has been linked to respiratory problems like bronchitis. So, there’s a significant number of pot lovers who prefer to consume weed without the smoking aspect. As the pot industry has boomed following decriminalization in several jurisdictions, marijuana edibles and consumable products have risen as well. There are so many possible ways to consume marijuana now. If you don’t want to smoke weed, there are plenty of other ways to try it, such as the following:

Sweet Snacks

Is there a sweet snack you enjoy, like cakes or cookies? Then marijuana can be added as well. Marijuana-infused brownies or even chocolate are becoming increasingly popular. If you have a great snack recipe, there’s definitely a weed recipe for it as well. While infused snacks are a great way to consume marijuana, you might want to watch out for the sugar and fat content in these foods.

Marijuana Beer

What’s better than regular malt beer? Marijuana beer, of course. There are plenty of beer brands that have begun to infuse the alcoholic beverages with cannabis. Consumers, however, should be aware that these beverages still contain alcohol. Alcohol is far more risky to consume than marijuana. An innovative entrepreneur called Dooma Wendschuh and his company Province Brands are currently in the process of brewing a beer solely out of marijuana. This cannabis beer is significantly different from regular beer. For starters, it contains zero alcohol. When you drink cannabis beer, you would only be affected by the cannabinoids, not the dangerous alcohol. Province Brands is still crafting this amazing beer, so keep your fingers crossed. (I mentioned in my previous email that we have already crafted this beer)

Capsules or Pills

Like herb pills, you can consume marijuana in pill form as well. Marijuana pills contain high concentrations of cannabinoids, so you will really have to watch your dosage. Otherwise, if you are averse to smoking weed, this is another alternative to consider.


Tinctures are the closest thing to marijuana candy. It’s not actually candy, but rather a liquid concentration of cannabis. You put it into your mouth and it will wonderfully dissolve on the tongue, like French meringue. Unlike most forms of edible marijuana, tinctures allow the effects to kick in sooner as well. Be aware of some tinctures, though, as they may contain alcohol.

THC Sprays

It may not be the most appetizing way to consume marijuana, but THC sprays can be a fun way to get your weed fix. THC sprays are like mouth freshener sprays. Just spray the recommended amount into your mouth and you will soon start feeling the effects. THC sprays are similar to marijuana tinctures in that they start working just as fast.

It should be noted that the weed experience can change depending on whether you eat the cannabis or smoke it. Orally consuming marijuana increases the time it takes for cannabinoids to be effective. On the plus side, the effects of the chemical would last longer. There will also be no side-effects like coughing. So drinking marijuana beer or eating hemp chocolate might be better for you than smoking pot after all.