Reverse Diabetes in 21 Days or Less

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Diabetes is pandemic. This horrible condition effects 300 million people (worldwide) – eventually resulting in the death of one person every ten seconds. Conventionally speaking, modern medicine believes that diabetes is “incurable” but that’s simply NOT true. Simple lifestyle changes can help you eliminate blood sugar issues – forever!

It’s time to think differently about diabetes and experience a cure

If your doctor says “you’re diabetic” and “you can eat anything you want – as long as you take your insulin” – then it’s time to find another doctor. Why? Because any physician that ignores the opportunity to help patients change their lifestyle – as a way of overcoming disease – is (only) a sick care provider. What you really need is a health care provider that teaches you about the underlying causes of diabetes.

According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, “Type – 2 Diabetes is a degenerative aging process that is a result of a hormonal imbalance between leptin and insulin; a metabolic dysregulation and a generalized inflammation. It also involves a genetic and epigenetic dsyregulation”. How can anyone possibly overcome diabetes without proper changes to diet and lifestyle habits?

Diabetes is NOT really a blood sugar problem

In truth, blood sugar is not the cause of diabetes – it’s merely a symptom of the problem. Most diabetics are creating a lifestyle of insulin resistance by consuming too many processed foods without essential nutrients and physical inactivity – which causes systemic inflammation, hormonal problems and chronic stress.

If you or someone you love wants to eliminate diabetes – look into green juice (spiritual) fasting; deep breathing exercises (mediation) and, most importantly, teach yourself how to let go of self-destructive eating habits.


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