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4 Whole Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog and Why



4 whole foods you should be feeding your dog and why

Eating healthy is an important part of staying young, feeling good and keeping your body in great shape. However, eating healthy isn’t just important for the human members of your family, it’s also important for pets. If you have a pet dog, then you don’t just want to be feeding your dog processed dog food. A lot of dog foods are created with fillers that are essentially junk. Instead, you can focus on feeding your dogs whole foods that will ensure proper nutrition and make them feel good for years to come. Here are some whole foods that you should make sure you’re feeding your furry friend on a regular basis.

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is a delicious treat that can take the place of less healthy sweets and fats and it’s a great thing to feed your dog as well. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also packed with natural probiotics, which can help improve your dog’s digestive system. Make sure you feed your dog plain yogurt since some of the flavored varieties can be far too sweet and sugary to be healthy. You may also want to consider looking for a fat-free kind, since feeding your dog high-fat dairy can be too hard on his pancreas.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are another type of food that tastes indulgent but are actually really healthy. Your dog will love these orange root veggies, too. Simply bake a sweet potato, let it cool, then give the inside of it to your dog to eat. Sweet potatoes have tons of health perks for dogs, including being a great source of vitamin A, beta-carotene and more.


Give your dog some protein by feeding him some fresh salmon. Salmon is a great choice for dogs because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help boost their immune system and improve the health and appearance of their skin and coat. However, make sure you cook the salmon before you give it to your dog, and don’t make it a daily thing. Because salmon can be a heavier, fattier fish, you may want to limit your dog’s intake of it to once per week.


Dogs can also enjoy fruits, as well. One of the best fruits for dogs is the blueberry. Not only are blueberries a good, low-calorie sweet treat for dogs, they also have tons of vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. These components can help increase your dog’s overall health, and they can also decrease the risk of cancer.

If you have a pet dog, don’t just do the easy thing and feed them processed dog food. Instead, do some research about what whole foods work for him, then make sure you incorporate those foods into his diet. Before you feed your dog any foods at all, consult with his vet. You can do this during a regular visit to get medications like Vetmedin for dogs, or you can make a special trip to the vet specifically to work out the best diet for your dog. Your vet will be able to give you specific information about healthy amounts of foods and potential allergies, as well as what foods you should try to avoid feeding your dog.