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How Gastric Bypass Can Help Your Dating Life



Obesity is a common medical condition. One of the biggest complaints that obese patients have is regarding their dating life. Many of them find it challenging to form meaningful and lasting relationships because of their lack of self-esteem and self-image issues. In recent years, more and more people are turning to weight-loss surgery as a means to combat obesity and achieve their weight-loss goals successfully.

There are three different types of weight loss surgeries available. These surgeries include routine gastric bypass and lap band. Following the surgery, a gastric sleeve diet and exercise play a crucial role in ensuring that the patient loses weight.  Many patients who are successful following surgery are enjoying dating like they never thought possible.


Confidence and self-esteem are crucial, and they can make or break a person’s ability to have healthy relationships. Self-esteem affects how a person carries him or herself and how approachable that person is. Poor self-esteem results in a lack of confidence, which is very unattractive. Weight loss helps to restore that confidence. Because the patient can see dramatic results in the mirror as well as in his or her clothing sizes, that self-esteem gets built back up again.

Physical Ability

One of the challenges of being overweight is not being able to participate in physical activities. Once weight loss occurs, many patients are eager to try new things that were impossible to do before. This creates many opportunities to meet new and exciting people with similar interests. It also opens the door to providing a lot of different types of dates, which is exciting. Patients who were limited to going to dinner and a movie only will be able to take on rock climbing, bicycling, and a host of other fun date activities.

Restoring Sexual Confidence

Many obese patients are reluctant to date because of sexual reasons. Quite often, those patients are fearful of being physically intimate with another person because of how their body looks. Weight loss removes this fear as self-esteem and confidence is restored in the patient along with renewed energy and a more positive outlook on life in general, sexual confidence returns.

Dating is an essential part of life. Through dating, people discover more about themselves as well as more about what they are looking for in a marriage partner. Obesity places many obstacles in the paths of otherwise healthy people when it comes to dating. Following the appropriate diet plan after weight loss surgery is essential.  For example, after gastric sleeve surgery, the patient should adhere to a gastric sleeve diet

provides meal planning for all post-procedure phases, including bright and full liquids and soft/pureed foods. More patients are reentering the dating world and rediscovering who they were always meant to be.