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Four Human and Soul Needs for Happiness and Fulfillment



I recently had dinner with a counselor, minister, and a medium, and, as it often will in this kind of company, the conversation turned to the meaning of life. Each of us, for our life’s work, seeks to help people find fulfillment. Each of us has different methods for doing so. However, we did find common ground in the questions we ask in trying to help people find “fulfillment.

How do we make sense of life events?  What is missing in daily life? How can one thrive, not just exist? How do we create a soulful, meaningful existence, and what does that even mean? What can we do to leave a legacy of spiritual growth that will benefit others after we’re gone?

We decided that we could find the answers to these questions by identifying basic “human needs” and “soul needs” that, when attained, can bring true happiness to the individual. Fulfilling human needs helps us find happiness through our relationships, career, finances, and living situation. Meeting human needs can help us to thrive and not just exist. The soul needs to address our quest for spiritual growth and can help feel fulfilled in the knowledge that we’ve made a positive impact on the world.

Here are the four fundamental human needs, and four essential soul needs that we identified. Fulfilling these needs can help us find true happiness.

Human Needs:


We can usually understand Love, and see it as a fundamental element of a fulfilled and meaningful life. And though it may be the most important of human needs, it’s not the only thing necessary to create a soulful, meaningful existence.


Manageability is a big issue in today’s world.  Do we have enough time, energy, interest, and money to do what needs to be done by us?  If not, must we feel we have given our power away?

Autonomy-Freedom of Choice

Autonomy looks at if we are in our relationship, job, home, and community by our free choice, or if we feel stuck due to money, responsibilities, lack of other resources like training, limited by our age or gender?  We are not likely to feel satisfied with our lives until we are participating in our own volition, instead of feeling stuck.


Lastly:  Are we creating time for Fun?  How often did we laugh today, or be delighted to be alive this week?

Soul Needs

Have Fun and Pleasure

To have fun and pleasure is on both sets of needs, and probably should go at the top of our “to do” list!

To Belong

We don’t need a special relationship to meet our soul’s love needs; we do need a sense of belonging to a family, group of friends, or some tribe.

To Serve and Be Served (Self, Others, the Planet)

Our soul is satisfied when we Serve others and learn to allow others to serve us.  Receiving help can be a painful lesson for many people.

Transform and Help Others Transform

Transform and help others transform, whether we succeed or not.  The intention and effort is what matters.

Create Beauty

And lastly, creating Beauty.  Beauty heals shame: so grow a garden, draw a picture, paint your house, bring home flowers, pumpkins or fall leaves, and know you satisfy our soul.

We can see that there is an overlap between Human Needs and Soul Needs! Thank heavens for that, because who needs something more added into an already complicated and over-scheduled life?

Are there any vital human or soul needs that you would add to this list?  Leave them in the comments below, and then perhaps you can have FUN creating meaning in your life today!