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Luxury Healing Retreats: A Week at the Holistic Sanctuary



Luxury healing retreats: a week at the holistic sanctuary

The rise of medical tourism around the world signified many things. Knowledge has now spread, alternative approaches are challenging conventional thought – and, perhaps there is a new paradigm underway as we will discuss.

We’ve seen a tremendous surge in luxury medical tourism not only in dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but also in the areas of addiction recovery, spiritual journeys and travel for the purpose of self-fulfilment. Perhaps the best way of exploring this trend is to take a closer look at what thought leaders do in this field. A unique example would be The Holistic Sanctuary that was founded by Johnny “The Healer” Tabaie.

With so many “me too” resorts around the world, where various hotels have spa staff on duty, The Holistic Sanctuary on the pacific coast has set out to create something that the world has never seen before. They did this by encompassing high levels of luxury with treatments that are not available in the US and proprietary treatment protocols where on-site Doctors and alternative health practitioners are working side-by-side. When we consider the combination of things they offer, it is fair to say that the concept is revolutionary. If you stay at a resort like this, let’s imagine for a week, what unique experiences do they offer?

Encountering a range of truly unique features in one location:

A few of the treatments and experiences we’re about to discuss, are available in different parts of the world, but then there is an exciting twist to it: At the Holistic Sanctuary it is all available under one roof. Let’s explore: Starting with HBOT. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment is known to accelerate the healing and recovery process in many circumstances. Then, the facility itself is impressive, almost like a modern docking station on the ocean – where you have a ratio of 5 staff to each 1 visitor. They have guided yoga, reiki massage, fishing, quad biking and a few relaxing spots, such as the hot tub that overlooks the ocean. Then there is a sea-facing gym and a jacuzzi.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Americans travel to this luxury facility is to have a safe experience on treatments that are not available in their own states. Ever heard of the revolutionary “Pouyan” healing protocol from Johnny Tabaie? He administers this exclusively at The Holistic Sanctuary – and it is certainly something worth reading about. It is also the worlds’ only 5 -tar facility that offers both medical ibogaine and ayahuasca retreats.

The range of proprietary IV formulas at the facility is another fascinating element, which raised a lot of curiosity. Their philosophy is that to aid recovery sufficiently, patients require optimal nutrition. It is therefore that the Pouyan method also includes a personalised NON-GMO diet and proprietary IV treatment.

A safety-first approach in Medical Tourism:

Many say that Johnny Tabaie is a true shaman, but really, he has a high regard for the medical profession too. Even as a well-known practitioner of Advanced Alternative Health, he works closely with emergency medical staff – qualified doctors and nurses – to ensure the highest levels of patient safety. The center operates strict vetting procedures that includes EKG scans prior to admission of certain procedures.

Johnny had this to say: “We aspire to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods in the world. We also want to lead the fight against opioid addiction that affects so many of our friends in the US”.

The story so far – What people say about The Holistic Sanctuary and it’s founder:


5-Star luxury treatment has been around for a little while in hospitality – yet it seems that as far as luxury medical tourism is concerned, Johnny Tabaie disrupted the market with something nobody has ever seen. Finding a facility with compassionate staff that can help you face some of your biggest challenges in life in a truly attentive way and perfect environment is hard to find. As Americans line up for a slot at this truly exclusive resort, we’ll sure be following an exciting new story that is unfolding before our eyes. Make sure you check into a resort with a great reputation, a vision for excellence – and one that always prioritizes patient safety.


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