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Top Benefits You Get from Sports Massage Therapy



Top benefits you get from sports massage therapy

Participating in sports is beneficial to health. However, participating in sports activities can leave you with sore and stiff muscles. Sports massage helps ease the pain you get from vigorous physical activity. This type of massage used to be reserved for athletes but is readily available today for athletes and non-athletes who enjoy physical activities.

Sports massage provides psychological and physiological benefits, as outlined below.

Prevents delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Delayed onset muscle soreness usually can be felt 12 to 24 hours after you’ve exercised. The greatest pain usually develops two to three days after your rigorous physical activity. You can prevent delayed onset muscle soreness and muscle fatigue by receiving sports massage therapy a few hours after exercise to encourage lymph and blood flow throughout your body.

Reduces pain and stress

Manage your stress better with sports massage therapy. Your body will release neurotransmitters or endorphins when you receive a sports massage. These endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain reliever, come from the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. When released during sports massage, they help heighten your state of well-being, improve your general mood, relieve your pain and lower the level of your anxiety.

Improves your recovery time from strenuous physical activity

Sports massage helps control pain. It reduces the feeling of stress by minimising anxiety and releasing toxic wastes from your body. It also helps promote relaxation. The heat from the massage increases the blood flow and helps your muscles regain flexibility, accelerate their recovery and improve your performance during training and workout sessions.

Prevents sports-related injuries

Having regular sports massages helps you prevent the occurrence of injuries that are often associated with rigorous physical activity. Sports-related injuries occur in areas where a joint or muscle is overused. The injury could occur because the muscle is cold before you start a demanding exercise routine or you have incorrectly performed an exercise or movement. Sports massage increases the flow of oxygen and blood to your joints and muscles to raise the level of muscular activation as you exercise.

Improve training capacity and volume

When you are pain-free due to regular sports massage, you are able to train for longer periods and as often as possible. Regular sports massage prevents your muscles from tightening because it improves your flexibility and range of motion due to the increase of the supply of blood and oxygen through your system. If you are preparing for a sports event, be sure to condition your body with sports massages one or two weeks before the event to help enhance your recovery time.