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6 Advantages to Vaping with an Arizer Air II



6 advantages to vaping with an arizer air ii

Vaping is gaining popularity by the day. The days of Bongs, Pipes and rolling papers are slowly fading and being replaced very swiftly by what is considered the healthiest way to enjoy your herbs. When choosing the right vaporizer for you, you must first consider what exactly it is you want from your product. In this article you will learn why the Arizer Air II will optimize your vaping experience and why you won’t ever look back.


When the news broke that Arizer had designed an updated version of the Air many of the vaping community became very excited. The original Arizer Air was famed for its cool, refreshing Vapor and the anticipation of improvements to an already well established model were very well received. The taste the Arizer Air II produces is one of the reasons it has easily surpassed its older brother, it’s borosilicate glass mouthpiece ensures the vapor cools sufficiently, while also preventing unwanted toxins entering your vapor due to the stronger thermal durability of the glass, a trait the medical user would appreciate. It is very hard to find a Vaporizer to produce a taste as impressive and enjoyable as the Air 2 without going into a larger price bracket. For affordable flavour that’s pure and smooth, Arizer have nailed it with their new and improved Air II.

Easy Loading

Like with the vast majority of Vaporizers today it is highly recommended to grind your herbs before loading your Arizer Air II. The reason for this is to ensure the heat is evenly distributed in your chamber and air flow is at an optimal level. This practice leads to us receiving the smoothest possible vapor along with that great taste we all associate with the Arizer products. However, considering the hybrid nature of the Air II it isn’t imperative to completely disintegrate your materials. Play around with it and figure what kind of a grind works best for you and your Vaporizer and work from there. Everyone has different preferences so find yours and enjoy. The simple system of loading your Air II is one of the biggest advantages to this product, you load your glass mouthpiece at the bottom and attach it to the body of your vape and you are ready to rock. Using the loading methods mentioned the Arizer Air II provides us with little to no maintenance or residue issues therefore giving us far more time to enjoy our herbs without the hassles of cleaning and maintaining. While you can’t load enormous amounts into the Air II the quality flavour and easiness to load make up for the small chamber very comfortably.


We all love receiving our purchases, be it over the counter or online, I think it’s fair to say  everyone gets that bit of excitement when we open the box and dive in, if the Arizer Air II is something you’re considering, you won’t be disappointed. Arriving in a tidy magnetic box the Air II comes equipped with everything you will need to start vaping straight away. Altogether you receive 1 micro heater, 1 battery (replaceable), 1 charger complete with USB, 3 different glass attachments including some suitable for Aromatherapy, 2 silicone caps, 1 belt clip carrier case, a stainless steel stirring tool, 4 filter screens, a sample pack of aromatic botanicals and finally an Owner’s manual that answers any query you may have with ease. All you have to do is sit back, inhale and enjoy. The components included within the Arizer Air II’s box are all built using the most durable and suitable materials you could use from the borosilicate glass in the attachments to the box it comes in. However, no vaporizer is perfect and while improving on the previous model, its battery life still isn’t where it could be in comparison to other models like the Solo. The saving grace for the Air II though is the chance to replace the battery at anytime, a luxury we rarely associate with Vapes. However, not all of us have a spare available to us so the ability to use while charging could be a big swaying point for many of us that just can’t wait.


One of the biggest advantages to using the Arizer Air II is the potential to have a high specification Vaporizer while on the go, something which is considered very hard to find. Weighing only 116g, the Air II has the size and appearance to easily slip into your pocket unnoticed. The only downside to its portability is the fact the mouthpiece needs to be carried separately. However, they generously provide you with a lightweight belt clip carrier to ensure you still have plenty of space in your pockets and that your vaporizer is safe from any potential damages. Unlike the majority of portable vapes and vape pens on the market today the Arizer Air II is designed with dry herb in mind rather than the conventional concentrate or oil vapes.

Digital Display

The technical advances shown by Arizer between their Air models is actually quite impressive. The Air II has introduced an OLED display to help us to differentiate between temperature settings. This eliminates the guesswork of what temperature our vaporizer is set to so we can ensure to have it set to our own personal preferences and to avoid using the vape at a temperature that doesn’t suit the consistency of the herb we are vaping. There is a new audio feature built in where it gives you a welcome beep when the device is powered on or off. Along with the audio features the Air II provides a power on delay up to 8 seconds to ensure the device isn’t accidentally turned on in one’s pocket. In the event you forget to switch your Air II off the guys at Arizer have implemented an automatic Shut-Off timer meaning your battery isn’t wasted. Two additional features which aren’t exactly important but add a nice touch are the choice between Celsius and Fahrenheit as your temperature unit and the ability to change the display brightness. Overall the digital advancements Arizer made between the Air and Air II are definitely improvements and are sure to be appreciated by both the experienced and novice users.

Thick Clouds


The strength and the quality of the vapor produced can play a major role in the decision making process around choosing the right vape for you. If thick clouds is what you are after and you are familiar with vaping or smoking then Air II may be the perfect vaporizer for you. Its borosilicate glass along with hybrid heating system and isolated airflow altogether produces far thicker, tastier vapor. Unlike in the previous model the Air II’s stronger heating element allows us to take longer stronger draws while not interfering with the temperature and ensuring a smooth continuous vape throughout. The balance between convection and conduction as a means of heating the materials is a clever design by the people at Arizer in ensuring that we achieve the healthiest, cleanest and most potent vapor we can.

Vaping isn’t gaining popularity so rapidly by accident, the advancements made in the products available are definitely playing a major role. If groundbreaking flavour, easy portability and impressive technical advances is what you are looking for then it really is very hard to ignore the advantages the new and improved Air II has to offer.