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The Future of Vaping



The future of vaping

Reasons to Vape

After the first electronic cigarette was invented back in 2003, the vaping industry has made great progress in providing cheap, safe and enjoyable alternatives to regular tobacco products.

Many smokers have given up regular cigarettes and moved on to vaporizers in order to reduce health risks, avoid inflicting second-hand smoke to others around them and cut down on expenses. Others yet have turned to vaping because it’s trendy, economical, doesn’t leave lingering smells and has yielded impressive results with breaking from nicotine addiction.

The First E-cigarette

At the beginning e-cigarette manufacturers focused on promoting the easy-to-use, cigarette shaped devices which provided a cleaner and safer satisfaction of their craving for nicotine. (take a look at the history of e-cigarettes)When this new trend attracted enough followers, they switched their efforts and attention to the creation of devices which would produce more vapour, and provide access to a variety of new and different flavours, both achieved by modifications to the power and temperature parameters of vaping devices.

With the current features in place, you can now practically hide in a cloud of vapour coming from your device, while at the same time enjoying an intense and flavourful experience like never before.

Sounds great but apart from that, what’s in the future of electronic cigarettes?

Battery Life Enhancement

Despite the fact that the vaping devices which are currently on the market can boast of having pretty decent battery life, they still don’t last a full day of vaping. What does the future hold in this respect? Well, a more durable li-ion polymer battery is definitely a next step for the industry. Even though there are e-cigarettes already using the li-ion polymer battery technology, they are still far from taking advantage of its full potential.

Future devices will most likely develop with regard to a more efficient, intuitive and integrated processor to provide vapers with the best possible experience.

Prolonged life for the Atomiser

There are of course different factors at play here but irrespective of the situation, an atomiser would usually last around two to three weeks before it has to be replaced.

The industry emphasis is going to fall on producing improved cartridges with a longer operational life. Even though substantial work has been done on vapour production capability and flavour, there are still levels to go in order to reach full capacity.

Quality over Variety

With the huge number of regulations and massive restrictions that were heaped upon electronic cigarette manufacturers, the natural way to go is towards quality in place of low quality mass production.

It is really difficult to comply with all the standards and regulations which require such a long list of requirements to be met by a single device. Among them, to name a few, are safety, size, device capacity, e-liquid packaging, sizing and labeling, best practices and ongoing control.

Over the next couple of years we can expect focus to shift from technological advancement to an emphasis on the quality of devices on the market. You can already take a look at electronic cigarette reviews 2018 to see what’s in store for the immediate future. Vaporizers will need to prove their safety, durability and reliability, at the same time complying with country-specific regulations on electronic cigarette use.

They will also need to maintain their cost effectiveness in order to remain accessible to the everyday person so that consumption doesn’t go down.

A Word on Regulations

With FDA passing its very first regulations on electronic cigarettes, any device on the market after February 2017 falls under a lot of scrutiny, involving a long and costly process of proving its safety and reliability to the general public.

While proving that electronic cigarettes are not dangerous is actually a good idea, the complex and time consuming way to get to that conclusion is doing a lot of damage. Taking into consideration that  vaping devices have already been established as much safer than regular tobacco products, this should be enough of a reason to let them be. At the same time as these revisions are taking place, regular tobacco products which are exempt for the FDA bill are owned by big tobacco companies, creating quite an unfavourable environment for vaping products.

While most of these companies, together with some of the established vaping manufacturers will be able to adhere to the regulations, more than 90% of the vape shops which sell their own e-liquid will be unable to keep up and  have to close. Which is not only sad but also goes contrary to the original purpose of electronic cigarettes, namely to diverge from regular cigarettes and experience different flavours.

Due to the way this FDA bill is stipulated, companies will now be required to submit approval applications for each new type of e-liquid they want to introduce on the market.

If the juices are banned , this will result in either of two things. Vapers who quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes would have to go back and renew the harmful habit. Or, they would have to find a way to bend the rules and get their e-liquids however they can.

Certainly, research is important, when it helps the vaping community. It will be really sad, however, to see a technicality bring it down, simply because it’s not in tobacco companies’ best interest. It’s in vapers’ interest though to have access to the invention which literally gave thousands of people their lives back and helped them escape the grasp of nicotine addiction.

The vaping industry has an overwhelming rate of growth and a lot of variables come into play when we try to take a look into its future. While it is still unknown, we can only hope the day comes when everybody is convinced that while smoking kills, there is the one safe and effective alternative to enjoy without having to sacrifice the experience. With the spread of scientific proof, knowledge and information, we can only expect more and more people to switch to vaping in the coming years.