Study Finds Exercise Lowers Risk for 13 Different Types of Cancers

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A recent study found that nine out of ten cancers are caused by environmental and external factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure or air pollution.  Healthy lifestyle choices can go a long way to prevent cancer. (1)

Nine out of ten cancers can be caused by environmental and external factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure or air pollution

Healthy eating, stress management and exercise can go a long way to decreasing risk factors for cancer.  A new large study completed by the National Cancer Institute surveyed 1.4 million people and found that exercise lowers the risk of many different types of cancers.  The study found that people who exercised the most had a 42 percent lower risk of esophageal cancer and 27 percent lower risk of liver cancer over an 11 year time period.  (2)

New study finds that exercise lowers risk of 13 different types of cancers

Other findings in relationship to participants who exercised the most is as following:

  • A 26 percent lower risk of lung cancer
  • A 23 percent lower risk of kidney cancer
  • A 22 percent lower risk of stomach cancer
  • A 21 percent lower risk of endometrial cancer
  • A 20 percent lower risk of myeloid leukemia
  • A 17 percent lower risk of myeloma
  • A 16 percent lower risk of colon cancer
  • A 15 percent lower risk of head and neck cancer
  • A 13 percent lower risk of rectal cancer
  • A 13 percent lower risk of bladder cancer
  • A 10 percent lower risk of breast cancer (2)

A team of researchers examined dozens of cancer studies throughout the U.S. and Europe and analyzed the data comparing those who exercised the most to those who exercised the least.  The study included those who completed strenuous and moderate forms of exercise. (2)

Exercise has been found to lower estrogen levels, regulate insulin and lower inflammation in the body, which may result in a lower risk of cancer. (2)

Numerous studies confirm that exercise can significantly lower risk of breast cancer and colon cancer

While this may be one of the largest studies completed on the effects of exercise on cancer rates, it is not the only study.  More than two dozen studies have reported that women who exercise have a 30 to 40 percent lower risk of breaks cancer.  More than three dozen studies show that exercise can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 20 percent. (3)

If you struggle with motivation or knowing what form of exercise you should do, remember, the most important thing is to get moving.  Join a fitness class, pick up walking, do yard work, go swimming or ride your bike.  Fitness doesn’t have to take place in a gym and it doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous.  Embracing a healthy lifestyle can go along way to improving your physical and mental health.

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