10 Medicinal Uses and Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender oil has been used for medicinal purposes as well as cosmetics for centuries. It has been used for hundreds of years to calm and soothe the body. Since ancient times it has been symbolic of cleanliness and purity.The essence oil from any plant, not just Lavender, is made up over 100 various components and this chemical structure differs with each individual plants.

10 Medicinal Uses & Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

Warm a bottle of lavender oil in hot water for a minute or two, then gently massage a few drops into the skin around the ears and throat. For babies & small children, add 2-3 drops of the warmed oil to a little olive oil and massage in the same way.

Respiratory Health
Lavender Essential Oil provides an excellent therapeutic benefit for throat infections, the flu, colds, and sinus congestions. It is also great in treating asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments.

Add 5 drops of lavender oil to a hot foot bath and relax while your feet soak in it. The soles of the feet are particularly porous, so lavender reaches your bloodstream very quickly, exerting its stimulating and soothing effects on various systems of your body.

Relief for Insect Bites
Rub a few drops on bee sting areas and other insect bites to speed up the healing and bring instant relief to the burning, itching and irritations of insect bites such as mosquitoes.

Treat sunburn by making a soothing skin toner of 2 drops lavender oil with 1/2 cup witch hazel, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon rosewater. Apply after cleansing.

Calm Nerves
Lavender oil or lavender-infused water can help to calm nerves and cure anxiety. Rub or spray on temples, forehead, and back of jaw to relieve stress or use as a preventative before entering a stressful environment.

Eczema relief and dermatitis
Using Lavender oils alone or with other essential oils that are good for the skin can help bring relief to the dryness or the inflammation caused by eczema and dermatitis. Many children have eczema patches as well and eventually grow out of them. Using Lavender oil is safe and effective.

Improve Digestion
Drink lavender tea after a meal to relieve indigestion and reduce acid-reflux. Alternately, try a drop of therapeutic-grade lavender oil (safe for ingestion) on the back of the tongue to soothe the stomach and improve digestion.

Add some drops of lavender oil to a cool washcloth and rub gently on forehead, neck, and trunk are to cool down the body. Alternatively, you can also use lavender in a steam vaporizer to bring the comforting warmth to a chilled body.

Relieve headaches
Gently massage a drop of lavender into your temples. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and let the discomfort dissipate. You may also consider placing a cold compress on the back of your neck or your forehead.


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