5 Delicious Juice Recipes To Boost Your Metabolism


Juicing as a tool for weight loss and weight management is not a new thing nowadays. It has been around for quite some time now. Apparently, juicing for weight loss does not always necessarily mean drinking liquids alone in your diet. It sometimes means that you intend to correct your metabolism and increase the rate of losing weight.

There are tons of juice recipes that you can use to improve your diet and digestion. In this case, these 5 delicious juice recipes are significantly proven and tested to correct and improve your metabolism. It is essential to know that having a proper and correct metabolism is largely beneficial when you are trying to get rid of the excess calories.

Not only that these juice recipes are very great in losing weight, but they are easy and convenient to deal with.

  1. Fire your fat with pineapple, cucumber, lemon juice

Cucumbers and lemons are very popular for most detox juices and water. The reason behind is that these ingredients are great for cleansing the body. They flush out all toxins which are helpful as well on every diet. Naturally, they dissolve fat and burn calories which is good for every weight loss juice and diet.

Now, if these natural weight loss ingredients and metabolism-booster are mixed with pineapples, they create a perfect balance of taste and texture that is largely great for correcting metabolism and losing excess fats.

  1. A sweet and spicy metabolism booster with a kick

To give a different kick of taste to your juicing routines, jalapeños can help you with this kind of concern. There are times that you may find juices very plain and ordinary. Surely, a little kick of spice in your juice can give you a different kind of bliss.

In making this juice, you will need pineapples, kale leaves, cucumbers, and jalapeños. The pineapples will give you the sweet taste of this juice. Aside from its taste, pineapples are rich in fiber that is good for metabolism and managing weight. Adding jalapeños in this juice will give the spice that you are looking for. Kale leaves and cucumbers, on the other hand, will neutralize the spicy and sweet taste.

  1. Belly buster green juice (apple, cucumber, lemon, lime, mandarins, and romaine lettuce)

This yellow-green juice is found to be effective in boosting your metabolism. The citrus ones are intended largely to correct and enhance your metabolism. As for cucumbers and romaine lettuces, these greens are perfect complements for the taste as they give a natural balance.

Apples and other fruits included are natural boosters of the overall taste. Also, all of these ingredients are significantly helpful in shredding stored fats around the belly area.

  1. Carrot cinnamon juice

In making a carrot cinnamon juice, you will need carrots, celeries, green apples, spinach, citrus fruits such as lime and lemon, and cinnamons. All of the ingredients are to taste which means the amount of each will vary depending on your taste. Hence, it is good to go for a taste-test first.

Note that carrots and apples are beneficial in losing weight since they help burn calories at a faster rate. Additionally, if these ingredients are mixed with the given greens and citrus fruits – they are good combinations to help you achieve a much effective metabolism rate.

  1. Gooseberry juice with honey and black pepper

Gooseberry is also known as Amla. Although most people don’t know what amla is, it contains a lot of nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to health. Also, people who are trying to lose weight know that the properties of amlaare very useful. Not only it improves the metabolism rate but it can also flush out toxins and excess stored fats in the body.

Amla is quite minty and has a high-cooling effect which is why it is usually mixed with honey to balance the overall taste. Over a period, health enthusiasts found that black pepper is highly recommendable to be mixed in this juice as it gives a whole new twist in its taste.

In totality, these 5 delicious recipes will surely help you with your weight loss concerns as they efficiently boost your metabolism. Also, these juices are very out-of-the-ordinary types since these recipes will take you to a whole new phase and taste of juicing for weight loss.

Author bio: Michael is a writer who loves to write an article on various health & fitness topics. He believes workout is very important as it helps to boost our metabolism & improve our health. In his articles, he always  mentions about detox drinks benefits & fast metabolism diet.

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