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How to Encourage Your Partner to Be Healthier and Happier



How to encourage your partner to be healthier and happier

Being healthy is the key to happiness. It can make you feel better, look better, and perform better in all areas of your life. The frustrating part about becoming healthy, however, is that it is so easy to fall back into poor habits. You need to be truly committed and dedicated to transforming your habits so you can live a better, longer life. When you are well on your way, but your partner isn’t, it can cause a lot of frustration. You just want what’s best for him, but he isn’t making it easy. Here are four tips to help encourage him to be healthier, and as a result, happier:

  1. Start Off Small

You can’t expect a complete change of lifestyle in a day. Not only is this not sustainable, it is likely to cause a lot of anger and frustration to boil to the top. Instead, start him off slow. A great first step is to get him to drink more water. There are many obvious and immediate benefits from drinking the correct amount of water per day, and it’s easy to get anyone on board with the plan. After that you can move on to other areas of their diet. Keep is small changes, and slowly work your way up.

  1. Make it a Partnership

None of this will work unless you are in it together. This means that you keep up the same habits and work together towards living a happier life. Drink the water with him, make the healthier meals together. Exercise with him. Living a healthy lifestyle together will help bolster both of you and help you reach your goals united.

  1. Boost His Confidence

Sometimes the reason why a person doesn’t want to work towards a healthier lifestyle is because they don’t have confidence in themselves. They either don’t believe that the effort is worth the payoff, or they don’t think that changes will make them feel better about themselves. As such, you need to work on boosting his confidence while he is transforming his diet. A lot of fatty foods can be addictive, and getting off them can even make him feel worse about himself before he gets better.

Tips for increasing his confidence are complimenting his looks, tracking his progress, and even increasing his sexual prowess. You can, for instance, buy him a Bathmate and help increase his confidence in the bedroom.

  1. Don’t Give Up

Changing your lifestyle to an active, healthy one is hard. When you have a lot of work to do before you are fit and healthy, it can seem like a long uphill trek. Don’t give up when he does, but encourage him again and again to keep at it. His health, longevity, and happiness are at stake, after all.

Track you and your partner’s progress so that you can see, definitively, how your efforts are paying off. If you don’t, then it can seem like a long road without many changes. You want to know how far you’ve come to encourage you to continue your new lifestyle.