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Freedom From The Sands Of Time



Freedom from the sands of time

By Christa Moore

What is time?  Has anyone ever really seen it?  How do we know it even exists?  We see the sunrise and we see the sunset.  This is the way that we know time is passing and another day is gone.  But where did it go?

We see little changes every day.  We see the seasons come and go, the same every year.  But what do we know of time?  The bodies change gradually, imperceptibly.   We don’t see someone for a while and then we see them and we can see the changes in their body.  If we see someone every day it’s harder to be aware of the subtle changes time makes.

It is all perception and it is in our minds.  My idea of time is relative to what I am experiencing and another’s is different.  When we are happy or having a good experience, time seems to go more quickly. But when we are in pain it seems to go more slowly.  Great civilizations have risen up just to be demolished with the passage of time.  Time takes everything away eventually.

I know that I used to have a young, vivacious body but now I have an old, worn out body.  What happened?  Where is that young girl body I used to have?  People treat me differently than they used to when I had the young attractive body. They shy away from me because in our society old people are mostly scorned and told to get out of the way.  I don’t see very well anymore and I can’t move as quickly.  I can’t understand the technology of today and most people don’t have much patience for that.  I’m not complaining, it’s just how it is.  I have to nap every day now and have very little energy.  Where the young body go?

When I was younger I used to see people just sitting on their porches in the morning and they would be in the same spot when I returned home.  I would think, “How can they just sit there?” Now I know firsthand.  It’s all they could do to just get out on the porch.  I used to think they were just very lazy but now I see things from a totally different perspective. I see that time has made me understand first hand just what the people sitting all day were going through~~things I couldn’t even imagine before.

I had no empathy for older people before because I hadn’t walked a mile in their moccasins, so to speak.  I feel the aches and pains now. I feel the stiffness and experience the low energy older people are feeling, so I can identify with them. Being older has changed my perspective to be more empathetic. So that is a good thing.

The great thing is that the philosophy I have been studying for the past thirty odd years teaches that we are not this material body which dwindles with the passage of time. We are actually an eternal spiritual spark that never dies.  And we have the key to our own destiny, by following a process of chanting, hearing and remembering the names of the Supreme Being.  This has lessened the pain and misery of old age a lot for me.

This information and the process of meditation has released me from the fear of aging and eventually dying. I no longer worry about keeping up the appearance of this material body because I know that it’s not me.  That is real freedom.  This doesn’t mean that I neglect my body.  On the contrary I take very good care of it because I consider this human form of body as a precious gift.  I just don’t worry if I see another wrinkle or my hair is grey. I don’t have to have all the latest clothes or makeup because it is really just trying to decorate a dead body which isn’t even me anyway.

I am working and studying to try to uncover my real spiritual self.  This is what self-realization is all about.  Seek and you shall find. I searched and I found all the answers I needed.  I was guided by my spiritual teacher Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupanda Paramahamsa, sacred literatures and the Supreme Being in my heart.

Thank you!