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Are You Using the Right Software for Accurate Patient Documentation?



An electronic medical records (EMR) system is one of the essential tools for running a smooth medical office. The right kind of physical therapy billing software is designed to simplify daily operations and is always be accurate and reliable. With all the modern advances in technology, EMR systems can perform many functions that used to be done manually – this not only saves valuable time but saves money as well.

When searching for a quality EMR system, there are some key features to look for that will signal how well it may assist in the operations of a physical therapy clinic.

Benefits of an EMR System

An EMR system comes with many benefits that are designed to better serve the patients that come into a physical therapist’s office as well as the medical team who utilizes it. Gone are the days when office managers must search through a filing cabinet looking for a patient’s file – with this kind of software, a patient’s records can be quickly and easily located electronically.

Everything from the time a patient checks in for their appointment to the medications they’re taking to a detailed report of the exercises they’ve been prescribed can be organized neatly with physical therapy software.

When looking over a patient’s electronic records, there are no more issues with trying to read doctor’s or other personnel’s notes. This will help everyone who may come in contact with any given patient to provide consistent care since interpreting records will be much simpler.

The records can also be sent to other medical providers; the patient may be seeing, regardless of whether or not they have a fully integrated EMR system. The files can typically be accessed online; this also streamlines the process of communicating within the office.

Another feature of EMR systems that is attractive to most professionals working in a physical therapy clinic is its billing management capabilities. Accounting can consume a lot of time, and when the numbers are not entirely accurate, it can make things chaotic and cause frustration.

Physical therapy software will take a lot of the hassle away from the billing process by offering detailed reports for each patients’ financial records, including things like how much they owe and how quickly they paid their last bill.

How to Find an Effective System

Physical therapy billing software should include a comprehensive list of features aimed to improve operations. A fully integrated system that can handle documentation, scheduling, management reports, billing, and collections are important things to look for in such software.

Advanced software, like Systems4PT, also comes with trend analysis reports, customized documentation, integrated payer rules for every payer, and profit-based marketing technology, to name a few.