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How to Finally Quit Smoking Cigarettes



How to finally quit smoking cigarettes

Smoking rates may have declined in recent years, but there are still a significant amount of people inhaling harmful cigarette smoke each day. Unfortunately, this harmful smoke can cause a variety of health problems, such as lung, heart and respiratory issues.

If you want to quit traditional cigarettes for good, we are providing some handy advice on how to finally quit smoking.

Identify a Compelling Reason

Many experts believe having a compelling reason to quit smoking can often determine a person’s success. People who are often unsuccessful in their attempt are the people who did not really want to quit, or who lost focus of their quitting motivation. To finally give up traditional cigarettes, identify a solid reason why you want to stop smoking, such as to save money, improve your health or to develop a white, brighter smile.

Set a Quit Date

Once you have identified a strong reason to quit, you should then set a quit date. While cold turkey can help you give up cigarettes for good, setting a quit date has proven much more effective. For instance, you can reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day until you are suddenly a non-smoker. Also, ensure the quit date is not during a time of high stress, which could result in a relapse. Try to pick the best time to focus on becoming a non-smoker.

Make a Vow

Make a vow to yourself when you smoke your final cigarette that you will never light one again. This will prevent you from puffing on another cigarette throughout the coming weeks, which will make it easier for you to quit for good.

Remove Cigarettes and Paraphernalia

Remove all cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia from your home, car and office ahead of your quit date, so you are not tempted to light a cigarette. This means disposing of lighters, ashtrays and any reminders. Be thorough when throwing away the items, because a relapse could occur by discovering a single cigarette inside a drawer or under a car seat.

Understand Your Smoking Triggers

Smoking is both a physical and psychological addiction, and your desire to smoke might be due to various triggers. For instance, you may smoke out of habit, boredom or depression. Certain food or drinks might also cause you to pick up a cigarette, such as alcohol or caffeine. There are bound to be times when your willpower is challenged, but your success will be determined by your ability to ignore the cravings, which will pass if you give it a little time.

Start Vaping

Many people across the world have given up traditional cigarettes by switching to vaping, which does not feature any harmful smoke. Not only can the innovative devices heighten the smoking experience with various flavors to try, but they will allow you to control the amount of nicotine you consume, which you can reduce over time. Invest in an affordable vape starter kit today to finally give up traditional cigarettes. Although there are no scientific claims stating that vaping can improve your health, it is a better alternative as there are no deadly toxins. You also get to mimic the act of smoking which can greatly decrease your withdrawal symptoms as you’ll feel like you’re smoking without the actual cigarette.