Can Breast Augmenation Change Your Life?

Can Breast Augmenation Change Your Life?

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Can Breast Augmenation Change Your Life?Breast Augmentation Popularity

Breast augmentation is simply the process of getting your breasts altered. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 69% of surgeons use silicone for breast implants. Silicone is FDA approved, which makes the prospect of getting breast implants safer. Also, according to the ASAPS, the number of people getting breast implants has increased by 213% since 1997. Moreover, the ASAPS also reports that 94% of the people who had a breast augmentation are happy with their decision. Many women even report having a more fulfilling sex life after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery.

Reasons To Get Breast Augmentation

There are various reasons why you should consider getting a breast augmentation. The most obvious one is because you want to alter the appearance of your breasts and, therefore, your overall appearance. Some women say they want to look better naked. Conversely, some say they want to look better in their clothes. Still others say they want to feel better about themselves, feel more confident, or feel less self-conscious. Regardless of the reason why you want a breast augmentation, there are numerous benefits to getting one.

Breast Symmetry

Some women have breasts that are uneven. If you have one breast that is smaller than the other one or nipples that are uneven, you might want to consider a breast augmentation. A breast augmentation can make your breasts appear more symmetrical. Also, you don’t have to change the size of your breasts if you are already satisfied with that. You can simply have them altered to appear as similar and symmetrical as possible.


The older a woman gets, the more her breasts begin to sag and droop. Many women undergo a breast augmentation for this reason alone. You can get a breast lift without changing the size of your breasts, or you can get a lift and breast implants in conjunction with one another. If you like the current size of your breasts, but simply want to restore them to their youthful perkiness, then simply have a breast lift, but if you would like to increase the size of your breasts, get the implants as well.

Lost Volume

Some women experience a loss of breast volume and fullness, especially after they have undergone a pregnancy. If you are experiencing this, you can get breast implants to increase the volume and fullness of your breasts. If you don’t want the change to be extremely noticeable, you don’t have to get large implants. Speak with your surgeon about the best implant size for you.


A breast augmentation can help reconstruct the breasts of someone who’s underwent a surgery. For example, if you are a breast cancer survivor who had a mastectomy, you might want to consider undergoing a breast augmentation to restore shape and balance to your breasts, which will also make your body look more proportionate as well.

Boost Confidence

No matter your reason for wanting to get a breast augmentation, getting one can boost your self-esteem by making you look and feel better. Dr Robert Goldman a Perth Breast Augmentation surgeon, performs multiple cosmetic alterations to enhance one’s own beauty and confidence for a lifetime. Moreover, in many cases (like the ones discussed above), there are other more noted benefits to getting a breast augmentation.