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How to Use a Bong in 3 Steps



How to use a bong in 3 steps

Smoking accessories are the number one trend right now as far as this particular activity is concerned. In the past, smoking used to be all about the rolled cigarette, but now there are a lot of different devices and other paraphernalia to choose from. And perhaps the most popular of them all is the bong.

Bongs aren’t hard to use, but it does take a bit of practice in order to get used to it. It’s worth it once you do though, because the smoking experience is unique. It has the feel of an old timey pipe, but way more modern. Here are three easy steps to help your use a bong if you’re a beginner.

  1. Prepare the bong

The natural first step here is preparing the bong. First, you need to fill it up with water until it reaches the downstem. You can also slide in a cube or two of ice inside for a more cooling experience. However, this is optional. If your bong has a percolator, now it’s time to fill them with water as well.

A bong with a percolator is healthier to use because this addition to it filters the smoke even more. Although smoking will never be healthy, at least you know that there is an extra layer protecting you from the toxic substances that can form in the process.

  1. Pack the bowl with smoking material

After you’ve prepared your bong, now it’s time to fill its bowl with your smoking material of choice, be it tobacco or dried herbs. First, you need to take the bowl out because it’s easier that way. Make sure there is no burnt residue left inside it from your previous smokes (if there were any), and then put in your smoking material. However, if it gathered in larger chunks, make sure to break it apart a bit first because it’s better for the entire experience.

  1. Now take hits from the bong

The last step, which is also the most obvious one, is start taking hits from the bong. Hold it with a firm grip in your non-dominant hand and use the other hand to place on the tube. Then, purse your lips and stick them inside the mouthpiece, not outside. This is better because it prevents choking or gagging. And then you can inhale, remove your mouth from inside the tube and exhale the smoke whenever you feel ready to.

You can tailor this last step yourself, because people have different ways to smoke. If you like to hold the smoke in longer, do that. If you inhale and then immediately exhale, that’s also fine. You do you, and always remember to have a good time.

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