Food Intolerance Symptoms and How to Recognize It

Did ever happen to you from seemingly inexplicable reasons due to physical rest and you are in perfect mental equilibrium, you begin to feel anxiety, headache, loss of energy or symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain in different parts of the body, and the like? If your answer is yes and if the reasons for the emergence of such symptoms are vague because you consider yourself perfectly healthy person, do not worry because the reason for the appearance of these symptoms can be caused by your food intolerance.

What exactly is food intolerance and how to recognize it?

Food intolerance, in simple terms is the incompatibility of your body with a certain type of food. Due to this incompatibility, after the consumption of certain foods or food groups, there is a reaction in organism that occurs and manifests itself through symptoms of which we have many specified.

In addition to the above, food intolerance manifests itself through other symptoms, such as general weakness, a rash on the skin, indigestion, diarrhea, frequent and intense itching and the like. From these data, we can conclude that a food intolerance is actually a food allergy. However, this conclusion is not entirely accurate. That which intolerance is different from the common food allergies, is the intensity and speed ​​of expressing reactions.

In particular, when it comes to allergies, it occurs immediately after eating certain foods and is expressed violently. When it comes to intolerance, things are something different, that reactions are delayed and milder and may be present and after three days of eating certain foods.

This fact represents a problem that sometimes you will not even be aware of that you are actually intolerant to certain foods and that food is the cause that you feel bad that you have a headache, to suffocate or you feel any of the symptoms of intolerance.

Therefore, because you are not aware of your intolerance to certain food, you will not even stop to eat that food, and it will be chained and continuously cause continuous repetition of the same symptoms, which eventually may become more intense and more complex or in consort with other symptoms.

How and where to do food intolerance test?

To be clear about which foods are tolerant, and to which intolerant and in order to be spared from unpleasant reaction of the organism, it is recommended to do the test for food intolerance. This test, carried out with the help of special methods of blood tests in numerous well-equipped medical laboratories across the country. In particular, this test is conducted on the basis of determining the vibrational harmony between your body and food. This means that with special processes tests with the help of special devices, measure and monitor vibration contents your blood and modes of vibration of many foods content.

On the way you vibrate your blood, actually vibrates your whole body. What is vibratory harmony between your body and vibration food higher, it is your tolerance for this type of food is higher. What is it vibratory harmony smaller, the greater is your intolerance. Based on the results of this test, it can be set up precisely and in detail by foods not and that is even desirable to eat, and you need to avoid or completely eliminate from your menu.

Depending on your wishes and possibilities of the lab where you do food intolerance test, this test can determine the tolerance or intolerance up to hundreds of different types of foods. Foods that are intolerant, it is necessary to remove from your menus, and on that will allow your entire body to be grateful. You’ll feel better and your overall health will be more stable. Therefore, your cells will function more properly and reduce the risk of different types of diseases. In this way, you will even slow down aging and improve your life quality. If the test for food intolerance is not available, either because prices (which in case of thorough testing is not so low and ranges up to a few hundred dollars), or for some other reason, a kind of testing you do it by yourself.

For something like that, you will not need any equipment or expertise in the field of medicine, but only enough time and high concentration.

How to test for food intolerance make yourself?

All you need to do is to plan your menu. In doing so, pay special attention to “high-risk” types of foods, i.e foods that likely can be intolerant. Such foods are usually eggs, milk and dairy products, as well as almost all kinds meat and industrially processed foods, but also and natural vegetables and fruits. When you select the foods you want to test your intolerance, consume it and then three days from the time consuming follow the reactions of the organism. If the reaction occurs in this time, clearly you are intolerant to this type of food and if the reaction is absent, means that this type of food you can safely and how often you want to continue to consume.

In doing so, when you perform this test yourself, do not ever simultaneously test your reactions to different suspicious foods, because then you will not know which actually cause problems.


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