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Things You Should Know Before You Light Another Cigarette



Things you should know before you light another cigarette

Smoking has dire consequences not only on those who smoke directly but also on everyone in their proximity, be they friends, family or strangers. Many people recognize the dangers of smoking and try to find ways to replace it with something else. For some it’s chewing gum, for others it’s las vegas dispensaries or Even though your heart is in it, you’ve probably noticed that those motivating YouTube videos about smoking stop being so motivating once you have a fresh pack in your hand. In an initiative to educate people about the dangers of smoking, we have compiled a list of some of the more practical realities of smoking. While other similar pieces might warn you about what could happen, we are telling you about what’s happening to you right now if you’re a smoker. Most times people don’t even notice these things until it’s too late so take a couple of minutes and check out the rest of this article.

Bad sleep

If you’ve been experiencing bad sleep and blaming it on the food you’ve been eating or your recent activities, you might have to think again. Studies show that smokers have a lot more frequent troubles with sleeping. In fact, your sleep can be degraded to up to four times in quality as opposed to a regular sleeping period.

Bad circulation

If you’ve been having cold feet or cold hands, or both, it’s pointless to blame your building manager or landlord for not fixing the heat. The problem lies with your blood circulation and how there’s not much of it. Smokes are also the cause of this and you will continue to need a blanket for your feet in mid-summer unless you give up cigarettes.

Your home is suffering

This might not be the first thing you think about when you light up a cigarette, but your home is suffering every time you do. Your walls might already be a lot yellower than they were before you lit the first cigarette there, and things are only going to get worse as you continue to fume up the entire house. Smell also has a tendency to linger and make your walls and curtains smell like cigarettes all the time.

Your electric and water bills are huge

This one is relative and it depends on how much effort you put into washing your clothes. If you’re a smoker that wants their clothes to smell good and be clean, you will have to invest more time into washing them since it’s a lot harder to get out the smell or smoke. This means that you need to use more water but also more detergent. And the washing machine that does the actual washing also needs to run on electricity. All those things make for a pretty hefty bill which you might even realize is dramatically engorged.

You are less desirable

How we look and how we appear to others is important to us but your addiction to nicotine might have left you blind to the fact that people aren’t so fond of being really close you anymore. Whether it’s the bad breath, the bad skin or the overall elderly, beaten down appearance given away by the bags under your eyes, you can judge for yourself. The bottom line is that smoking is making it a lot harder for you to be really close or even intimate with someone due to personal hygiene and how smoking trashes your efforts of being clean and presentable.