How to Repair Your Damaged Kidney Naturally Using 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda


Kidneys are complex organs and their function involves many biochemical processes within the body. Different factors damage a distinctive part of the kidney. Therefore, different results cause different changes.

When it comes to treating kidney damages, the most important thing is to determine what damages kidneys. In this article we shall discuss about baking soda and its efficacy in such treatments.

Our endocrine system releases enzymes and hormones which transform food into chemicals. It is much easier for our body to digest food in this form.

The pancreas is the main organ that produces the major and most important part. Sodium bicarbonate protects kidneys during digestive processes. This is largely linked to our dietary habits.

Moreover, excessive consumption of sugar, fat and other unhealthy foods burdens kidneys and affects their ability to produce sodium bicarbonate naturally.

Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acids that are released in the digestive tract. When the body lacks bicarbonate, these acids damage kidneys.

We give you a natural remedy that will help you prevent this condition and the creation of kidney stones. How much do you actually know about baking soda?

A group of experts at the Royal London Hospital conducted a study according to which this household item aids in removing kidney stones. It has also helped people on dialysis to reverse kidney failure. This treatment gave them a new life without dialysis.

Kidneys produce sodium bicarbonate naturally and it is considered to be their ‘guardian.’ In terms of low levels, kidneys start off with production.

When kidneys cannot produce sodium bicarbonate or get enough bicarbonate in the urine, bicarbonate enters blood flow and it develops dangerously acidic levels. Various other diseases may also cause this condition. In cases of kidney failure, kidneys cannot flush acids out of the blood. Once kidneys start transferring acids into the urine, your blood pH becomes extremely high.

When combined with certain treatment for kidney failure, baking soda slows kidney failure. After a 2-year research, only 6.5% of all the participants involved needed dialysis. This was a great success, because about 33 percent of them were on dialysis.

Baking soda was given to patients orally in conjunction with dialysis. In this way it enters their blood flow and stimulates the effect of their dialysis. A simple substance prevents kidneys from ‘burning.’ Moreover, acids that get into kidneys from the food you eat, such as sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus, have to draw a basic compound with them. This neutralizes acids and they are carried through the kidneys safely.

Baking soda treatment

On day one, put half a teaspoon of baking soda under your tongue. Stir a teaspoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of high-quality salt into 1.5 liters of water. Drink the solution during the next days.

Keep in mind that your lifestyle habits affect your kidneys. Be more careful about the food you eat. You should also think twice about your portions and the time you decide to eat your meals. Remember, your look is a perfect reflection to your health.

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