FDA Bans Injectable Vitamin C While Everyone Is Distracted

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The FDA and the pharmaceutical agenda may be a closer related than we’ve ever considered. The fact is, pharmaceutical companies consistently lobby political officials as a way to help push their agendas through.

The approval and the disapproval of specific drugs and drug patents can give huge financial rise to companies. And they can also be seemingly strategic, as has been the case with pushback on medical marijuana.

But one of the least talked about egregious acts just might be the FDA banning the mass production of vitamin C for use in IVs. In 2011, the FDA sent a letter out to a pharmaceutical maker of injectable vitamin C to cease production.

Whereas antibiotic resistance is now a plague, vitamin C, on the other hand, remains a steadfast healer. And its natural, sans many side-effects, and available and easy to consume. The FDA, by banning vitamin C in its injectable form, have essentially banned its use for cancer patients (and many others).

What potentially sparked the FDA’s ill-will towards something that could help society? Well, if the timing means anything, it could be the broadcast of a 60 Minutes episode showing vitamin C curing swine flu. In fact, it was called “the Miracle Swine Flu Cure.”

The FDA isn’t able to ban vitamin C, but it was able to ban the access to the intravenous bags. This created logistics issues for doctors looking to use the more holistic procedure. The FDA abolished the momentum.

What’s worse? Swine flu, for one, has been shown to be easily cured by injectable vitamin C.

What has the past proven? The FDA has, in fact, acted similarly in the past, providing a breeding ground for decelerated progress on illnesses.

“The Senate’s action is in response to a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis caused by contaminated medicine distributed by the New England Compounding Center (NECC), a large and now defunct Massachusetts-based pharmacy.

“The culprit behind the outbreak was a high-dose injectable steroid used to treat inflammation and pain associated with conditions like herniated discs and certain types of arthritis. Most compounding pharmacies do not produce this type of medication. In fact, it is alleged that, in this instance, NECC was repacking and selling the existing medication — a crime in itself — and was not actually engaged in the practice of compounding.

“Incidentally, the FDA and local authorities were aware of dubious practices at NECC as early as 2006.

“The reason doctors turned to the NECC’s more expensive product instead of cheaper generic versions is that there was a national shortage of these drugs, due to increased FDA inspections of drug factories. While the inspections turned up few actual health threats, they caused a disruption in the supply chain and many healthcare providers had no choice but to use more expensive (and in the case of NECC, less reputable) alternatives.

“Thus, it appears that the FDA bears some culpability for the meningitis outbreak.” (Source)

This has served up a major wrench in the strategy that any doctor may have had in terms of curing people with solutions offering the least possible side effects. It also places higher priority on inflated drug costs because those drugs become the only options for the sick.

Media Silence on Vitamin C Banning

The news media remained silent when vitamin C bags were banned. Maybe they didn’t understand what the greater implications were? The media silence has been extended to all the illnesses, such as swine flu, that vitamin C has been crediting with curing. This might be the greatest atrocity of it all. In this case, silence is consent for pharma’s activities. We constantly complain about the health care system being expensive to the common man, but then we don’t let our voices be heard when the government strips the common man of real, viable, economic and healthy options?

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C is truly one of the most powerful immune system boosters and healers we have available to us. You can get a load of vitamin C by consuming both oranges and horseradish. That’s right, horseradish is a phenomenal source of vitamin C.

And of course, all preppers MUST HAVE VITAMIN C IN THEIR DOOMSDAY MEDICINE CHEST (this one is awesome).

Some major benefits:

Prevents scurvy (this is how vitamin C’s powerful ability was discovered while on ships).

It can treat and help prevent colds.

It can contribute to the proper vasodilation of veins. This helps your heart health.

It can cure lead toxicity.

Helps cure cataracts.

Been said to treat cancer.

Improves mood.

Improves immune system.

The list is amazing and long. It is unfortunate what the FDA has done to the people. Taking vitamin C should be an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle. It can vastly improve your health.