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4 Reasons Vaping Medical Marijuana is Safer than Smoking



Since e-cigarettes and other vaporizing devices took off just a few years ago, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of vaping nicotine rather than smoking tobacco. But, what aren’t quite so well documented are the benefits of using a vaporizer to smoke marijuana. Since the use of medical (and some recreational) cannabis has been legalized in a number of U.S. states, more and more people are turning to vapes – after all, whilst smoking cannabis is less likely to cause lung cancer or heart disease than cigarettes, smoking anything isn’t really that good for you in terms of carcinogens. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your newly legalized bud! Here are some of the best reasons to switch to a vape.

Reason #1. Less Toxins

Although it’s generally believed to be much less risky to your health than smoking cigarettes, smoking weed can still be bad for you. This is because it still exposes you to some harmful toxins, especially if you tend to make joints rolled with tobacco too. When marijuana is burned, it releases a number of harmful toxins, including several carcinogens, and tar, which can lead to several health issues, including lung irritation. Instead, using cannabis vaping supplies means that 95% of your vapor will contain cannabinoids, whilst the harmful toxins will be eliminated. As a result, you won’t just get a better high – you’ll also decrease your health risk substantially.

Reason #2. Faster Pain Relief

Since the use of medical marijuana was legalized in several states, many people have been using it as a form of natural pain relief. Whilst it is very effective, using a vaporizer for your marijuana can result in even faster results, due to the fact that vaping allows almost 100% of the cannabinoids CBD and THC to be absorbed within seconds of inhaling. You will feel the effects much faster. Furthermore, vaping a smaller amount will yield the same great results.

Reason #3. Reverse the Damage

In 2010, a study was carried out that suggested vaping with marijuana can actually help to reverse some of the lung and respiratory damage caused by smoking cigarettes or weed in the form of joints, pipes, or bong hits. The study looked at twenty frequent users of cannabis, all who experienced various respiratory problems prior. After just one month of vaping marijuana, the participants reported that their symptoms had improved.

Reason #4. Better for Your Lungs

Lastly, when you smoke cannabis in a joint or take a bong hit, you inhale smoke into your lungs, which is the main cause of any related health problems. On the other hand, using a vaporizer often eliminates any smoke, which can be much healthier and safer for your respiratory system. In addition, vaping allows you to absorb the THC much more quickly, so you won’t feel the need to inhale quite as deeply or take longer hits.

Since medical marijuana was legalized in several U.S. states, it’s become a popular way of controlling a variety of health complaints. But, to get the best effects, it’s recommended to use a vape.