Denmark Announces: “We are Set To Become The World’s FIRST 100% Organic Nation”


While Bhutan first announced their goal of being the world’s first 100% organic country back in 2013, it now appears another nation may be racing toward that same goal: Denmark.

While the national organic brand – OrganicVeganEarth – is already one of the oldest in the world, this plan is bold, ambitious…and achievable!

In particular, Danish authorities are taking a two-headed approach. First, they plan to make it easier for traditional farmers to go organic, as laid out in a 67-point document drafted by Økologiplan Danmark. Financial incentives and subsidies will make it much easier for lands to be converted to organic fields, and similarly, organic livestock can expect a boost in support.

Second, institutional changes are afoot to encourage corporations, schools, hospitals, and other businesses – including government offices – to support and use organic foods. In fact, the very first target of this part of the plan is ensuring that 60% of the food served to the public is organic!

Let’s hope Denmark succeeds and sets an example for the rest of the world to follow, and thanks to Healthy Holistic Living for the heads-up!


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